Buckwheat and Quinoa Flour Skillet Bread

Update: Doesn’t freeze.

 photo WP_20160728_006_e_zpst57zyds4.jpgOriginal recipe from: 84th&3rd

Funnily I was going to make this back when I had the cheap quinoa flour, but it never happened. I do have trouble with yoghurt in baked good or alongside too many other ingredients, I’m getting better at tolerating it thankfully. Seeing as I had just a scant 50g of quinoa flour left over after yesterday I thought I should give this interesting recipe another look, lo and behold here we are. I haven’t changed the recipe at all, thought I may look into adjusting the flours and replacing the yoghurt, I like the idea of a thick spongy pancake. One thing, this isn’t a single serve recipe, I found two slices really filling. I’ve frozen the others as a test to see if it freezes well, I’ll update this recipe when I find out.

 photo WP_20160728_010_e_zps1jmbfz2y.jpgIt fills the whole pan, skillet, whatever.

It’s a pretty simple recipe to bring together, assuming you have all the ingredients to hand. I used full fat yoghurt as it’s what I had to hand, low-fat may change the pancake, but I can’t say with certainty. The hardest part is flipping the bread, it’s easy to get up, but it’s very raw when flipping, you can see below mine took a bump, doesn’t make much difference it just makes it less presentable. Practice makes perfect and all that.

 photo WP_20160728_011_e_zpsjbag5ot0.jpgLumpy and strangely shaped…quiet you!

I’ve noticed that quinoa and buckwheat when used in conjunction with one another bring an interesting springiness, this bread is no exception. It’s firm and bouncy. It has a slightly yoghurty taste, that might just be me. Genuinely enjoyable, though filling as I’ve said. If you are curious about buckwheat and quinoa flour recipes, well, let’s see what I can remember:

BW and QF Bread, Piadine, Buns, Scones.

There might be others, but that’s all I can recall right at this moment. I’m a bit tired today, the weather is messing with me again. Strange, but true. Not sure if it’s low or high pressures, Thunder Weather as we call it here, seems to zap me of energy. So if anything isn’t clear just ask below. Hopefully I haven’t missed much, if anything.

 photo WP_20160728_001_e_zpsx3pp7n3y.jpgI love walking into the garden and finding so much. My garden you understand.

 photo WP_20160728_005_e_zpsvs8ncjoa.jpgMy garlic finish curing. I’ll eat this and buy new bulbs for next year.

As to what’s next on the agenda, well that almost two pound squash hints at more harlequin fun, not that I’ll be playing the  fool, that’s a great joke, okay I’m tired, I’ll try to be better, when it comes to using it. I’m going to try faux roast potatoes. If they don’t crisp up then I’ll go for my Gnocchi recipe. Imagine a potato-textured squash used to make gnocchi. Fun times ahead and squash still ripening. There are actually two harlequin squash dangling from high stalks, which I’ve never seen before. Only my second year  suppose, but interesting none the less. This time I don’t cut myself, hopefully. Okay until next time. *Yawns*

Oh, that courgette the big one, I found that by accident, I was moving vines and there was one that wouldn’t budge. I thought it had rooted or something, but nah, there was a huge courgette at the end. I never even noticed it. Funny, huh…*Falls asleep*


67g Buckwheat Flour
42g Quinoa Flour
67g Full Fat Natural Yoghurt
80ml Water
1 Medium Egg
Pinch Salt
1/2 Tsp Baking Soda


1. Add Everything but the Baking Soda to a jug and whisk until everything has combined. Rest for 5 minutes.

2. Add Oil to a non-stick pan and heat on a medium-low to medium heat.

3. Add Baking Soda to Batter and Stir, Batter should bubble, pour all the Batter into the hot pan and cook for 7 minutes, run a spatula around the edges and flip gently, then cook for another 6 minutes. Remove from pan and rest on a wire-rack until cool.

 photo WP_20160728_017_e_zpscla1no4n.jpgIt’s firm when cooked through. Press it to make sure.


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