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Over the years, many, many years, Dear Reader, I have tried my hand at various recipes, many failures and much trial and error gave me something of a head start when I first started my Free From Journey, but in starting that I never fully left those recipes behind. I’ve made them for friends, reworked them, retested and retried them in various incarnations and despite not eating them myself I have even added to them, always with the certainty that they’re worthwhile. I pride myself on the quality of my recipes, however simple or complex, if they’re followed to the letter they should always yield a consistently great result. You might wonder why I’m sharing them here then, naturally not everyone visiting here has the same restrictions as myself and even if they do they don’t necessarily eat the same. The recipes below are tried and tested, but they haven’t been pushed in every possible direction, with free from flour blends, with alternative ingredients, with another’s perspective they may well be made suitable for various diets. So, I’ll share these recipes, with a caveat in the form of a tag and title to avoid confusion, because they have value, they took years of work to accumulate and I hate to see them wasted. I can’t say how I’ll manage the layout, many of these came before I took photographs of everything I baked, but I’ll do what I can. The blog is free, Dear Reader, it’ll always be free, so I’ll allow my self some leniency. These recipes will be added periodically so if there isn’t much here yet check back again later as I’ll be adding them gradually. This is a side project, the blog remains as it always has, but ‘ll do my best, Dear Reader, to make it worthwhile.

Chocolate Guinness Cake
Other Recipes: Cider Brack
Cider Cake
Golden Syrup Gingerbread Cookies
Golden Syrup Mincemeat Cake
Guinness Brack
Guinness Brown Bread
Meringue Topped, Lemon Curd Filled Vanilla Cupcakes
Crème Patissiere/Pastry Cream
Pate Brisee/Rich Shortcrust Pastry
Porter Cake
Potato Scones
Soaked Treacle Bread
Sugar Free Chocolate Cupcakes
Tea Brack
Wholemeal Scones