This is just a simple about page, if you want the full story, or most of it, you can find it on this page. There isn’t a whole lot to say, I’ve been blogging for quite some time now and my sustained weight-loss journey, well documented on the aforementioned page, and organic vegetable and flower garden, my Kitchen Garden as I endearing think of it, are the cornerstones of the blogs themes and style.

I cover as many diets as I can, some, usually the ones I adhere to, again documented in more detail here, have more representation, but I have gone out of my comfort zones on many occasions to find interesting and useful recipes. You can find what you’re looking for via the tags or categories. My posts vary from recipes to informative talks and sometimes, all too often perhaps, ramblings on various subjects relating to food, eating and growing of.

My users will ever be known as my Dear Readers, often in the joking singular, because I really talk to one person, never making these posts anything grand or self serving. We’re all in this together, just you and I, Dearest Darling Jack, a name as good as any, Dear Reader and where we’re headed is anyone’s guess.

I repeat it often and I’ll say it here again: The site will forever be free, no recipes will ever be held behind a paywall. I don’t make any money from the site, but I do ask if you’ve found anything useful, maybe more than you expected to to consider Supporting Me on Ko-fi or via Paypal, the work I put into the site won’t always be visible, nor will the effort and though this started as repayment of aid and kindness that I was shown the site has grown to be much larger and more complex than I’d ever have imagined. Everything helps, even if it’s only a share or a thank you.

As for me, Dear Reader, you’ll see a little of me in every post, in my honest, responsible and frank talks on various topic, in my almost childish glee whenever I discuss the garden and in the work I will continue to do. This is a lifelong journey for me and I hope you’ll come part of the way with me.