Yup, this is your Dear Writer, Dear Reader. Sometimes Jack, often gardening, always mucky.

I’m a guy with celiac disease, nightshade intolerance and also histamine intolerance, so the recipes here will be helpful to those on any of those diets. The one caveat is of course with the histamine intolerance as it can vary person by person. The Gluten Free and Nightshade Free recipes are for all on those diets as there’s less wiggle room needed.

I should also mention that I value health over all else, I have no interest in fad dieting or anything that poses a danger to other’s health. These recipes are all ones that I use all the time. In 2 and a half years I have lost 10 stone, so you can be sure that I’m not sitting on my high horse. I’m still on my weight loss journey, but now the weight is off and stable I have to get the body that’s been left sorted out.

I spent a long time sick and suffering and finally figuring out that food was killing me was the first step. A lot of will power, blood, sweat, tears and a  supportive family have brought me to where I am right now and I aim to keep pushing forwards, ever onwards towards a happier me. Hopefully this blog repays, at least in part, the kindness of all those that helped me without ever knowing it.

Thank you for reading all that.

Just a note Jack is just me, it’s just a way to distinguish Garden Posts and a bit of fun. Thanks for your support.

The site is, and will remain, free, but if you want to donate, any amount appreciated, you can do so Here

38 thoughts on “About

    1. I found you because you “liked” a post I wrote. Interesting how things go. I have just recently given up eating night shades to try to see if they are the culprit in regular migraine headaches. Have ’bout near eliminated everything trying to figure it out. This comes at a handy time. Don’t think I’m celiac. Have been tested and not indicated. Though have been diagnosed without inflammation and I don’t know what else can be behind arthritis and most other aliments. Doctors!!! Anyhoo, will be checking things out here. Signed up for emails too. Thanks.

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      1. It’s funny how things work out. I’m really glad you stopped by, I hope you’ll be able to get the help you need to get better. All the recipes here are nightshade free so you should find something to suit you. Thank you for your support.

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  1. Hey Pep,

    I am also Coeliac & it’s really so hard to find recipes! Alot of what’s on my blog I just switch normal ingredients for GF ones but I am always on the lookout for true GF cooking that I don’t need to thibk about! Looking forward to exploring your kitchen 🙂

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  2. Love that your recipes are moderate in their yield and do not require a million different odd ingredients. Looking forward to trying many of them. So glad you have worked through some major health issues.

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    1. It’s one of the problems I faced when first starting out, everything required so much and made way too many. So, I decided I’d take a different approach and I’m very glad it’s helping someone. Thank you, I’m glad to say I’m in much better health these days.


  3. Thanks for the like on my blog! I look forward to reading more of your blog. I found out sugar was messing with me. I stay away from processed flours because they’re so much like sugar in my system. Best wishes to you!

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  4. 10 stone?! Good work and I’m so happy you liked one of my posts (thank you so much for that) that led me to find your blog! I had never realised night shades could be an intolerance. Looking forward to reading your posts and trying your recipes.

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  5. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my posts. Although I’m not gluten free, I feel your pain. I own a bakery specializing in gluten free cakes and cookies, and most of my customers are in the same boat with you (more or less). You have some very nice recipes in your blog, and you do a great service to many people. Keep it up!

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  6. Hi, I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. I love your blog, and I sincerely hope you accept the nomination. However, you are not in any way obligated, and if you don’t have the time or inclination to participate, I understand and will not be offended.
    You can see the rules in my post One Lovely Blog Award. Jo x

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  7. Thank you for visiting my blog. And I thought we had it bad, with my gluten sensitivity, and my husband’s problems with sulfites and dairy… Seems like a lot of us have to watch what we eat all the time, while the medical profession isn’t always ready to consider food as a source of health issues.
    I will be taking a look at your recipes!

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    1. Thanks for the return visit! It is a struggle, but it does end up helping a lot of others as I cover a wide range of free-from choices and ingredients. I know food choices can be vital from my own experiences. I hope you’ll find something to suit you and your husband.

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  8. Spent a month in Ireland last summer & worked on an organic farm for part of the time. Fell in love with Ireland & your gardens/farms! Love your nightshade free recipes. They aren’t so good for lots of people. Good luck with your surgery & glad to have found your blog!!!

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