Buckwheat and Quinoa Flour Buns

 photo 2016-05-19-990_e_zpszozhfqye.jpgHere’s the recipe. Get to it.

Bet you were worried that Jack had taken over and there’d be no more recipes. Nah. Here I am, you can be humbled by my majesty. Or not, whatever. There is one thing before I start on about the recipe. I’ve been worrying a bit about the blog, I guess I wonder what it is people come here for, I know they look for recipes, don’t be facetious or there’ll be gardening posts and little else!, but what is it that attracts them? I guess I’ve gotten bogged down in worrying about what I need to be doing to be right. Which, after a long hard think, I’ve come to the conclusion that that premise is flawed. This blog is a testament, a repository, a hodgepodge culmination of all I’ve done. It’s the what, the wherefores, the what the hecks. It’s me in a way, or at least an extension. How can I be wrong? I’m just me, I’m doing what I do because it’s my life. So I hope you’ll stick with me throughout my journey, til death do us part or a misplaced bookmark. I’m not going to spoil the fun I’ve had here by worrying about this, it’s not worth worrying about. I can’t please everyone at once, I can only do the best I can and be happy, the latter being the most important. Okay, I feel better, onto the recipes. And thank you for making these ramblings feel meaningful, to me at-least.

 photo 2016-05-19-991_e_zpsoaivpkaa.jpgMeant to take the batter in a bowl, oops.

I’ve been meaning to make these for a while. I’ve pulled together all I know about these flours and run with them. It was an on the fly recipes, but everything was measured with due care. I even measured the muffins before baking. They’re about 55-60g worth of batter. So, why Buckwheat and Quinoa? Because individually both make lovely muffins, together they make great bread and I wanted to see how they’d do paired up in a muffin tin. To get to the end before I even begin: They’re wonderful. Almost a cupcake, but not quite. You could call them that and you’d probably get away with it. I’m a cupcake purist, so I’ll stick with muffin. They’re light like the quinoa muffins but they have body thanks to the buckwheat. They needed no purée or flaxseed. I did add more sugar than usual as the quinoa flour has an overpowering taste. You could probably cut it down if needed. They popped out fine after a skewer was run around them. I let them cool a bit before eating a few, even my mother loved them and she’s not big into quinoa flour. These are really wonderful for such a simple recipe. You could frost them and serve them as cupcakes and you’d be hard-pressed to complain. They’re not bready like buckwheat muffins, nor too airy like the quinoa ones. A really praiseworthy recipe if I may say so myself.

 photo 2016-05-19-992_e_zps8ifhvygz.jpgQuinoa Bread cooling too.

 photo 2016-05-19-993_e_zpsbok83abi.jpgI was worried they’d sink or collapse. No such trouble.

So here we have what may be the closest to a cupcake, or  a bun perhaps, I’ve eve had on Pep’s Free From Kitchen. You know what? These are buns, they’re light, maybe not as spongy as some wheat-based ones, but they don’t crumble any more than a cupcake does. So, I shall call thee: Buns. The first of many. I don’t know what you call a bun outside of Ireland or the UK, a fairy/queen cake perhaps? Beats me, I have sultanas to soak so I’ll leave it at this. See you soon.


50g Buckwheat Flour
50g Quinoa Flour
1 Tsp Baking Powder
60ml Olive Oil
2 Medium Eggs
50g Sugar
Dash Vanilla Extract
Water as Needed

Makes 6 Buns.


1. Pre-heat the oven to 175c (Fan). Grease and Flour (Use Brown Rice Flour) a Muffin tin with Butter or Olive Oil.

2. Add the Egg, Vanilla Extract, Sugar and Olive Oil to a bowl and whisk until Sugar has dissolved then add the Flours and Baking Powder and stir together until a dense Batter has been formed. Let rest for 5 minutes and then add a little Water, stir, and repeat until a thick but stirrable batter has been formed. Takes around 100ml Water.

4. Pour Batter into Muffin tins, about 2/3rds full and bake for 15 minutes, turning half way if needed. Then remove from oven and cool for 10 minutes and let cool completely on a wire-rack.


Hazelnut and Coffee: Replace Water with Strong Brewed Coffee and add 50g Hazelnut Butter to Batter just before adding the Coffee. Top with Coffee Butter Cream (100g Icing Sugar, 25g Butter and a Splash of Strong Coffee) and top with a roasted Hazelnut.

 photo 2016-05-19-996_e_zps4foqle1u.jpgI ground Jasmine Rice this time to dust with. (Sorry about photo quality, it’s my old phone)


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