This Is How We Rustic

 photo WP_20160727_001_e_zpsafqda3rh.jpgSmoothie muffins? There may just be something in that.

Hey there, Little Buddy. I’m going to jump to the end here again. I messed up and ended up with muffins stuck to the liners again. I thought as they were muffins I’d be okay, more fool me. Hey, say, can you see me grinning like a loon, that smug, self-serving kind of grin you’d like to punch off my face? Why, my reader, am I grinning in such complacency with stuck muffins? Why, because I’m a very patient and calm screw-up. I ate two muffins and was just so disgusted with my mistake that I took another, popped in in a bowl and filled it with warm water up to the liner’s brim, I covered it for a few minutes with a tea towel and then I….wait for it….peeled off the liner and nothing stuck! The liner kept the muffin dry too. So there! I am vindicated and I’ve found a really helpful tip for stuck muffins. Not a given it’ll work each time, but you lose nothing in trying it out.

 photo WP_20160727_006_e_zpsydsytyjm.jpgLook at my bottom, he cried out. Shortly before losing his entire user-base.

So, again these are just my Buckwheat Muffins, they were made with 100g frozen strawberries, mine naturally, and 100g mango chunks, the rest of which are sitting in a bag in my freezer, better than purée as I can use as much as I want and have it chunky or smooth, blended with the wet ingredients. It’s all on the recipe page. I also doubled the recipe, but it only makes ten muffins if you want fuller muffins. No harm really. A Jack dozen if you will. They tasted a bit bland, but I was so relieved they worked I didn’t mind. This did set me thinking about something fun. Now if I were better involved with the community here or on Twitter or on all those other social networks, I’m no good for that level of interaction, I would hashtag this as a massive fun campaign, get other bloggers involved, have photos etc, you get the idea, but I’m just me, shy, hopefully endearing in my own odd way, me. So instead I’ll just pop it here and if you like it and use it maybe link back. So what’s the idea? Smoothie muffins. You take the fruit, nut butters, seeds, whatever you’d make a smoothie with and use them in muffins. I loved the peanut and strawberry muffins, which made me want coffee and almond, but I got sidetracked by fresh mango. Then I thought what if you took a smoothie and used it to make up these muffins, fresh fruit chunky or blended, nut butters for body, nut and seeds to sprinkle on top. Just a silly idea, but maybe it’ll interest someone.

 photo WP_20160727_007_e_zpsclrubrh5.jpgQuinoa Bread

You know, I’ve missed the odd slice of quinoa bread, so I went and made my own Quinoa Flour, which takes a lot of time to make in a coffee grinder. I’m calling it rustic as it’s rougher than the stuff you can buy, at three times the price of quinoa!, that’s too much for flour, and also artisanally inspired because let’s use all the meaningless phrases. It’s technically toasted so I can add that adjective too. Let’s put it all together. It’s: Pep’s Free From Kitchen Exclusive Artisanally Inspired Rustic Toasted Wholegrain (It’s a seed!) Hand-Prepared (I have hands) Quinoa Loaf. He, heh, heh, four hehs. Okay, silliness aside, it tasted the same, baked the same, it does stick at the top so don’t panic, just run a knife at the bare top, it just had a bit of pop and crunchy from some of the quinoa, hulls I guess you’d call them. Nothing unpleasant and the time taken to make this is far better than the price I’d pay for flour with a bitter taste. That’s the benefit of washing your quinoa for toasting. That’s it, just a quick post. Two in a row, wow. I’ll probably vanish for a week now.

Oh, before I go I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s popped by the site, dropped an email to me, left a comment or just liked something. that really brightens my day, I’m nor very good with the social aspects of blogging, so I want to say thank you. You’re all eggs in my coffee! Later.

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  1. Hi, my name is Natalia, long time ago I read Your blog, but somehow did not dare to write. I like how You write, tell and show (vegetables, garden, cooking process). Thank you.

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