The Darling Buds of Jack

Another garden post, well, yes, we’ve had incredible weather and everything is flourishing. I haven’t found anything new to try, though I am on the look-out  for nightshade-free and gluten-free recipes that feature fresh herbs, savoury or sweet anything goes, if anyone can point in in the general direction of anything that fits the bill I’d appreciate it. I’m mostly making the same old same old, which is nice. Once upon a time I had  half a week of dinners, mostly repeats in that even, and now I have two weeks of dinners with only one repeat, when pesto-time hits that repeat will be replaced. So, yes, there isn’t much in the kitchen happening so I thought I’d toss out another garden post.

 photo WP_20160515_002_e_zpsgl86ee6s.jpg

 photo WP_20160515_002_e_e_zpsoooi2kqm.jpg

 photo WP_20160515_001_e_zpshqrd9xuy.jpg

 photo WP_20160515_001_e_e0_zpsfnv96r7i.jpg

My broad beans are starting to flower. I admit I did check Google to see what they’ll look like and they’re going to be stunning. Black centred, white flowers with a slight pink hue to the edges. This is a really exciting stage in the growing process. I’ve watched these from seed and now they’re going to start creating their offspring. I feel like a proud father, or a gardener. This is the exciting part, but patience is required.

 photo WP_20160515_006_e_zpsa39tnugt.jpg

 photo WP_20160515_013_e_zpssdqp4skr.jpg

 photo WP_20160515_013_e_e_zps3omigu2b.jpg

Sunflowers are really interesting to watch, the stem starts so short and then grows out from itself. You can see where the new stem emerges and the new leaves begin. Ignore the damage, the cold hit them quite hard. Even the sun is getting a tad too hot, I won’t complain though, it’s better than last years horrible weather. Plants can be surprisingly resilient, though the opposite is also true. I’ve planted a few other sunflowers around the garden, but these will stay in pots and then I’ll scatter them around when they bloom. I hope the pots are large enough, but I can move them if necessary. You have to try to learn.

 photo WP_20160515_004_e_zpsk137tstu.jpg

 photo WP_20160515_016_e_zpsskqeiq13.jpg

The strawberries are thriving in this heat, still no fruit. They’ll keep thickening up and flowering, the pink and white really do look lovely even from a distance. There’s not much work once they’re established. I hope to have yellow strawberries next year. The babies are growing steadily but they’ll be a while yet.

 photo WP_20160515_015_e_zpsrvwfegc5.jpg

 photo WP_20160515_015_e_e_zpsutj71plh.jpg

My golden nugget, a really apt name, have started their blossom production. These could stay like this for a long time, but it’s still wonderful to see. Of course they’ll grow and drop within a day, while I wait for bees to do their duty. Still, they look lovely and you can eat the flowers, but you’d be best to get them early in the day. I hope the other varieties start soon too. They love this heat.

 photo WP_20160515_021_e_zpsix7foc1j.jpg

My lavender is starting, you can just discern a small flower, it smells wonderful, but doesn’t flower that much. It was a small potted plant that was bought last year on a whim, it was re=potted countless them and just tossed there. I pruned it come spring and it started again really well. It’s supposed to attract bees and it’s hiding an ugly stump. What can I say? Jack looks after his flowers as well as his vegetables. See you soon.


2 thoughts on “The Darling Buds of Jack

  1. All your plants look lovely and healthy. I only have a small yard and I’m currently trying one large container to grow vegetables. However, I’m finding those darn little slugs and snails a nightmare to keep off. Do you have any tips on keeping them at bay? A friend of mine has suggested holly leaves but I’ve yet to try them out. 🙂


    1. I use slug pellets, which I find work well. I’ve tried copper tape, which may work, but it is hard to tell. Someone suggested sawdust around the container, but since it’s usually so wet here I haven’t tried that yet. Whatever you try I’ll wish you good luck, it’s a constant battle.

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