Jack, Jack, Jack…Four Jacks

 photo WP_20160512_010_e_zpso0ijfgwh.jpgI could’ve used four Jacks to move all these.

Don’t look so glum, anguished reader, Jack is popping in for an update. The kitchen has been stuck on repeat for awhile so there’s nothing new on that front. Lots of restocking, but nothing new. I got my blocks for raising my greenhouse, at 6’7 you get used to having to raise things. Eighty eight blocks all shifted from the front to the back by yours truly, thankfully I watched my back so no problems to report. Slow but steady, that’s Jack. I hope to see major progress on the greenhouse in the coming weeks.

 photo WP_20160509_003_e_zpsf7g20ebv.jpgThere’s a curve, er, over there.

When I’m not guessing in the garden, I’m pretending to be a landscape gardener, don’t tell me I’m not whatever you do! I just expanded the beds out a bit and added a triangle bed in the corner. There has since been flowers planted with more getting ready. I’m learning a lot from all this, I’m enjoying it too, for the most part, though at times you could be forgiven for screaming at the heavens.

 photo WP_20160509_005_e_zpsssrmd6ei.jpgNaru, the black lab, is my best friend. The other one is Nukem, an old English mastiff.

 photo WP_20160510_010_e_zpstlnjl2x1.jpgFrom left to right: Store bought basil seedlings, My basil seedlings & basil started from cuttings

 photo WP_20160510_011_e_zpstehpdvzh.jpgI really want pesto.

The weather has been incredible. The basil above doesn’t look like it was touched at all. My other varieties, Dark Opal, Cinnamon, Purple Ruffles, are starting to look really good too. They started from seed so you’re always at the mercy of the weather, which this year seemed like it was going to be a repeat of last year’s, but no it’s been perfect for growing. Even my tomatoes, chillies and peanuts are doing well and that isn’t the norm here.

 photo WP_20160512_007_e_zpsycm9dj24.jpgOnions in front are doing well, but there were potatoes in the carrot bed and they’ve started. Maybe I’ll get Potarrots.

 photo WP_20160512_005_e_zpsjha9dfyk.jpgCabbage, the big ones are the ones I started. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts. No shallots yet.

 photo WP_20160512_006_e_zpsaeks7w40.jpgThe Peas and beans are starting to climb and need tying. It’s fun watching them.

 photo WP_20160512_004_e_zps9kcivfyw.jpgCourgette up top with beetroot. Did you know you can get three crops from one plant? Courgette, Zucchini and Marrow depending on the size at harvest.

 photo WP_20160512_014_e_zpskydubzw9.jpgFreshly finished.

Just a short post today. I dug out another bed and lined with it compost and weed-proof matting. This will be filled with small shrubs. I  hung the pots too, they have a nasturtium each, grown from seed. I’m cutting thick wire and bending it to make ground pegs, I’m also learning how to drill better. Like the garden it’s a leaning experience. Okay I’ll leave it at that, I might fall asleep before I finish. Later!

 photo WP_20160512_011_e_zpsvj8xommh.jpgThree kinds of strawberry. No idea except for the fragooo (Pink) and maybe an alpine (Small white either corner).

 photo WP_20160512_013_e_zpsktwix7x3.jpgNo, sadly I didn’t grow the pin-wheel.


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