White Teff Flour Peanut Butter Cookies

Quick recipes mostly off the cuff are my main type these days.

Yo, Dear Reader, I’m back again with another quick recipe, this one is trying to put a dent in the bag of uninspiring white teff flour, it’s really not that great at the best of times and this bag has a slightly staler taste than I remember, not that I remember it all that well, but it was better in Brown, still it works well enough here because every other ingredient takes up the slack. This is a fairly universal recipe, based on this originally, if I remember rightly I’ve used almost every flour, even amaranth which is surprising, with the original, tweaking as needed, here I used an egg to give it more moisture and hold, because the flour is not only dry it crumbles too, the flax was needed to bring it all together as the teff refuses to absorb moisture. As I say it’s rough and ready and work despite the flour rather than alongside it, not the way I usually like to do recipes, but when you need to use up a bag and really want something sweet this works perfectly. You know me, Dear Reader, honest to a fault because why sell you on a lie, when the truth is more useful?

I think of these as uglies.

So, this is a slightly drier cookie than you might like, there is a light, buttery crumb, the peanut butter blends in more here than with other recipes, but it works perfectly as an accompaniment to tea of coffee, letting the tea saturate the cookie and melt the sugar, which melts well in this recipe thanks to the egg’s moisture, but retains a little of the crunch that¬† makes Demerara unique to give the cookie that crispness that again goes with any hot beverage. Dunk it is what I’m saying, Dear Reader, it’s a dry flour and you won’t beat it out of it, just accept it and soak it. It’s perfect with an espresso, but then again almost everything is to me. What surprised me was the, okay not perfect, but close uniformity, the dough is almost a batter, it’s not pourable, but you can’t handle it either, just scoop and drop, I’ll cal it a dough to make it clearer, but the cookies baked without much spreading and no sticking. You’ll slap these together in minutes and have fresh cooled cookies within half and hour, not too bad for a mediocre bag of flour. I’ll be back again later, Dear Reader, until then stay safe and take care.

I was surprised they hadn’t run into each other. Very low expectations with this particular bag of flour.


90g White Teff Flour
85g Demerara Sugar
60g Natural Peanut Butter or Any Nut Butter
60g Butter
1 Medium Egg
20g Ground Flaxseed
1 Tsp Baking Powder
Dash Vanilla Extract


1. Preheat oven to 160c (Fan) and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.

2. Cream the Sugar and Butter together until creamy. Then beat in the Peanut Butter, Vanilla Extract and the Egg until fully incorporated. Then beat in the Teff Flour and Baking Powder until a sticky dough has been formed and finally beat in the Ground Flaxseed. Set aside for 5 minutes.

3. Drop 1 Tbsp worth of dough onto the prepared tray, leaving an inch or two between Cookies. When all the dough has been used up bake the Cookies for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown and slightly firm to the touch. Let the Cookies cool on the tray for 5 minutes, they should be firm by then and then transfer to a wire-rack to cool completely.


Microwave White Teff Flour Mug Cake

A little less rise, but still light.

Yo, Dear Reader, I bought a bag of white teff flour on a whim, I hadn’t found much use for the brown, but I just wanted something to focus on, honestly it’s a heavy flour without much to make it useful in baking or cooking. This recipe has so many versions because it has worked with almost every free from flour I’ve tried, bar amaranth, but that’s such a sticky, strange flour I’m unsurprised, so it’s really useful to know. I made this by reading the back of a commercial mug cake,¬† I’m stubborn and pretty decent at this. The cake is really a very simple sponge, depending on the flour it might be slightly crumbly, like with teff or rice, dense and fluffy with buckwheat and really light and springy with quinoa, it’s a microwave cake you take what you can get, but it is great for single servings eaten straight out of the mug, stopped with whatever you like from fruit, which can be added into the batter too, to icing sugar to nut butters. Or espresso, if you’re me. With the way things are I figured sharing this might give someone a little boost, I had to carry in the shopping myself again, half a mile, so I bought the strange melon, like honeydew but with a certain other flavour I couldn’t place, and the “Mexican Firecracker” echeveria. Look after your mental health, Dear Reader, this will take a toll on the best of us, which is why I’m purposefully ignoring it here, we all need a space to breathe, both of us that is. I’m just eating by rote, my stomach hasn’t stopped hurting since March, these days so I can’t say when I’ll have a new recipe, but there will be garden posts. I had my first salad of he year, Mizuna, Rocket, Welsh Onion, Chives and Lettuce all fresh from the garden, you can’t beat freshly harvested food. Until later, Dear Reader, stay safe and take care.

Mystery melon, called Ghost Melon, and another plant I have no room for.


45g White Teff Flour
30g Butter
50ml Milk
15g Sugar
1/2 Tsp GF Baking Powder
Dash Vanilla Extract


1. Melt the Butter, in a mug, on a low heat and when cooled slightly mix in the Sugar, with a fork, until dissolved.

2. Add in the Milk and Vanilla Extract and stir until everything has combined. Finaly add in the White Teff Flour and Baking Powder and mix until smooth.

3. Microwave on full heat for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes. Cake should be dry and springy to the touch. Let cool for a few minutes before serving.