Arborio Rice Flour Waffles

You can see it didn’t fill quite enough as one side didn’t get pressed as much. Something to look at next time.

Yo, Dear Reader, my stock of Glutinous Rice flour is dwindling and I can’t get any stock in, so I’m back to trying whatever else can work to help often out my simple waffles, I use these instead of bread, but my swallow gives me trouble at times and a lot of free from flours can cause recipes to be much drier, I’m not adjusting every recipe by adding too much, I like these because they’re simple and quick, but with the Arborio Rice, yes the one for risotto, I figured I might be able to get a little lighter and moister a result. I’ve been here so often, Dear Reader, when your restricted diet starts to get even more limited you just grab at whatever you can. It’s a far cry from the recipes using dozens of ingredients to emulate familiar foods and more survival in its simplest sense. Why this rice? Mostly it was all I could think that I could buy easily, if you’ve never had risotto, I have a recipe, it’s absurdly creamy and smooth, it’s something to do with the type of starch or how much there is, hence why I figured it may work as a flour. So, long preamble leading to a simple question, did it? Actually yes, it isn’t as chewy as the sweet rice flour can be, but it was lighter and less dry. I found it wasn’t very thick compared to white or brown, I’d need more flour than I usually use, I understand that all waffle irons can vary, you’ll have to adjust yourself, Dear Reader. I just ground it and sifted out the lumps and the result was a lighter, slightly moister waffle. I’ll likely try this cut with white rice flour, to eke this out, it’s a lot of hassle to keep grinding it all the time, and because it’d become a nuisance and I don’t need mores tress when eating. Brexit is catching me out a lot, thankfully I prepared, I don’t have a lot of choice, I eat well, very well, but I work with a really limited pantry. Still, I’ve learned enough I can’t be stuck for long, but I’d rather have a choice. If you decide to try this, Dear Reader, in any recipe just think of it as a slightly less thick rice flour, you might need less moisture, might cause dryness, or more flour might be better. It ground well, I’m just using an old coffee grinder, never ground coffee in all the years I’ve had it, I have a more expensive one for my espresso beans, but it worked well and a fine sieve will take out the lumps. I’ve bought brown rice flour that was lumpier than this, Dear Reader, which commends it a bit. I’ll be playing around with this and if any miracles occur I’ll let you know, Dear Reader. Until later, stay safe and take care.


120g Arborio Rice Ground into Flour
1 Large Egg (65g-75g in Shell)
75ml Milk/Water
15ml Olive Oil
1 Tsp Baking Powder

Makes 2 Large Waffles. Can be frozen.


  1. Turn on Waffle Iron. Beat Eggs and Olive Oil until combined and the beat in Milk.
  2. Add in Flour and Baking Powder beat until a smooth, slightly thick batter has been formed.
  3. Add enough Batter to warmed Waffle Iron to fill the plates, close and cook for 5-8 minutes until waffles are brown, dry and firm. Remove with a rubber spatula and let cool for a few minutes.