Six Squash Remain

Well, well, well I know I planted this, but it’s a nice surprise.

Tasty, tasty bananas.

Year and year of practice and finally I get better at pruning tomatoes.

99% sure this is yellow.

Feels so empty right now.

With our short Summers you can’t let them get too big or you’ll get no fruit.

Yo, Dear Reader, today we were blessed with a hint of Summer so off I went to try to get more of these pots emptied, amended and replanted, which of course was derailed by the fact the onions needs harvesting, I didn’t realise that alongside the tops falling over they also just pop out of the soil easily when they’re ready to harvest and hang. I tugged a few and met with resistance so I left those, whereas others just pulled free with no effort. You learn every year, Dear Reader, you also find that even with experience that there are still plenty of surprises. I had a pair of shallots just bolt and grow into a mass of unruly green tops, shallots are always fussy, but I like to plant a few. The biggest mistake I ever made was not separating them before hanging which caused them to soft and rot faster. Currently I have room in the shed as I’ve been hanging five bundles on each hook and the curtain rail eyes have tomato hooks hanging from them so the onions can hang and be moved back and forth for no more reason than merriment.

I need to stake that or move it later.

My first mistake was thinking this would be it for today.

The Rambler looks lovely from the window.

Newer rose nearly open. Nostalgia I think, I have one like it in pink, somewhere.

Handing it off to Naru to take care of for a few months.

Passiflora getting ready to bloom again.

Hung in the shed and they’ll be ready to eat in a few weeks.

I’m popping down carrots in the looser soil filled pots, parsnips too I somehow forgot to plant any yet, a bit of lettuce and more squash. I’m just doing what I have been able to do without a sense of dread of possible calls. I’ll see what’ll grow and just generally hope for the best. I should be able to start using the garlic soon, I’ve had some where the tops broke away and it couldn’t store and it is such a different taste, so fresh and firm and just worth the wait. Next year I’m not pre-ordering the onions, the site I bought them from turned into a shambles of missing orders and a botched website so I’ll just grab them as I see them, there are always onions around, Dear Reader, but I often felt a panicked need to hurry up. No more. I have plenty of pots and a good bit of compost yet, but just six squash, I’ve been taking the weaker of the two in each pot, I doubled up because I didn’t need so many, or so I thought, and just stuffing them down, we’ll see what happens, but it’ll be enjoyable if nothin else, Dear Reader.

The bees won’t stay still for photos.

The Rambler has tumbled forward a little because of the rain and all the pulling.

Everything grows how it wants here.

Still a whiles away from harvest.

So much odds and ends stuffed together to make it look better than it should.

Naru’s Carnations are still going.

Right now I’m in harvest and planting mode and not really thinking much about eating, I am using the Spring Garlic Pesto from earlier in the year and it is lovely and fresh and helps change up my meals, as much as they can be changed. The fruit is being frozen as I pick it and I’ll use that gradually, as much as there is you still feel the loss when it finally runs out. It might not feel like Summer to us, but the plants don’t mind this combination of heat and wet. I’m just taking advantage of it and putting down what I can and moving things around that need extra care or that have gotten too large for the spaces they’re in. I found an old rose I was given, I say given, Dear Reader, the neighbour who gave it to me thought it was dying and it was, I just don’t let that stop me, it had orange lilies in the pot too and self-seed poppies, it just couldn’t compete with the other roses so I added compost and gave it to Naru to look after it. I did that with another struggling rose and it has bounced back. Everything grows around her garden, Dear Reader. I’ll be back again later, until then stay safe and take care.

Someone told me to toss a dogwood cutting and hah!

Revived, overwintered and back again.

Still a while away from harvest.

They’re happy here.

Switching to orange for now.