Fine, That’s Your Berry!

I am always surprised at what pops up.

The bees love the honeysuckle, which is great as it will only get more and more plentiful.

Still getting inside the rose garden somehow.

This is about six feet high currently.

They’re all huge with no end in sight.

The biggest astilbe is out.

Daylilies are lovely when they clump up big.

Yo, Dear Reader, I’ve been saying that I’d lift more garlic when the weather stayed dry long enough to dry out the pots, since that isn’t happening I just decided to tackle it in a few sections over whatever days aren’t compete washouts. I ended up clearing out the garlic bed area, it will be forever known as that despite the bed being gone, and also amending the pots in there, seventy five litres of wet compost is heavy let me tell you, Dear Reader, took them out, mixed up the soil, it’s getting better now I have it split up, before the lowest soil was heaviest, and back in it went. I fed the pots with bonemeal and a few additives and added liquid feed and popped more squash in. The squash I put down the other day, might be yesterday, might be a week ago, what is time with no seasons to mark it?, bounced back straight away and looking at other growing squash in Ireland I should be okay for time to establish. This is a new way of getting more out of the garden, I was lucky to have the compost ready, but I usually have it at this time anyway.

Ah, one of the old orange lilies has popped up!

Dwarf Buddleia sis flowering.

Bundled, tied and hung already.

One of the old roses in a sunken bucket.

Worth all the work reiving and recolouring.

These were all super cheap and so young and tender many moons ago.

The bees have been so busy I haven’t been able to capture them much, I did almost pick one when I was out harvesting raspberries, it was hanging onto a berry and I didn’t want to bother it, I need them happy and pollinating my squash, Dear Reader. They’ve been literally bouncing from flower to flower all over the garden, between the established flowers and the wild flowers there’s a lot for them. It’s been the plan for many years and I’ll never stop adding more for them. I took in a huge jug of raspberries and a big bowl of currants, the blackcurrants are getting to be doubled sized. The tayberries are starting and are lovely and sweet with a depth of flavour beyond tartness. The golden raspberry plant, the elder, is starting to fruit well, it’s hit a growth spurt too so next year should be better. The newer plants are still establishing, but I’m in no rush. I’m just storing up right now, it’s hard to think what I want to do with all of this abundance, it’s a lot of work so I’ll just focus on not wasting anything. The strawberries are being attacked so I’m mulching and have tossed coffee grinds over them with a spray of neem oil and essential oils. Hopefully I get more, but I’m doing well enough. They’re so tender even the rain damages them.

I had to corral them as they kept hitting people.

I bought this during a flare up of arthritis, didn’t help, but it’s a nice rose.

My blackberries are more foxglove at this stage.

These are years and years old.

Another differently coloured rose in the big pink.

I hope they all selfseed.

Should look good when the roses come out more and the lilies bloom.

Hard to imagine it’s nearly July, I used to feel this divide in the year, when the surgery was les and less likely to be scheduled, so I didn’t tend to plan, partly because I just wasn’t in the headspace to do so. This year, the first of many better years, I am tossing down squash like they’re all guaranteed to grow and bear fruit. It isn’t easy here to do much Autumn growing, we don’t get warm, bright Autumns, we get rain leading into cold rain. There are things I could grow, but many would be wasted, I wish there was a community drop off for fresh produce so I could get it to people who’d want it. It is what it is, Dear Reader, I’ll just keep growing what I can and storing it away for dreary Winter days. I’ll put down more beetroot and carrots once I lift the rest of the garlic, my shed is getting packed and smells just delicious, and the onions shouldn’t be far behind. Plenty to come yet, Dear Reader. I’ll be back again soon, stay safe and take care.

This worked out well and was much cheaper than buying trays.

A scion that I planted. Going to keep it as a decorate apple tree.

Lot of work, but I hope it’ll pay off.

To think that was a wasted space.

Bought a few years ago to mark the first surgery.

This is a top down because I had to reach up and over to take it.

All from a inch cutting years ago.

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