Strawberry Sharing

Naru’s Royal Mallows are starting to bud.

Don’t know what changes the colour from yellow, but it’s lovely.

I’m still pruning carefully, it never ends, but might be worth it.

Roses are a joy.

The Rambler is blooming again.

A busy bee hanging around Naru’s flowers.

Yo, Dear Reader, another mishmash of photos from a few days ago. We’re apparently trapped beneath some strange weather phenomenon which is causing a lot of rain, wind and some sun, but no Summer. As usual I’ll just keep planting and hope for the best, I’m getting more squash down day to day, I have to amend the used garlic soil and am trying to mix the heavier soil with the lighter, it call came from the vegetable bed when I first started, think heavy, heavy clay, and after years of sitting in a raised bed and finally being sieved and split up it is a lot better, but the squash will need feeding and the compost bin needs emptying. We could see Summer next month, but I won’t hold my breath, Dear Reader.

I shorten the back chain and suddenly the baskets look good.

All the small waste cloves I planted together for Spring Garlic and instead grew them into single bulbs. Ideal for roasting.

Next month, even that’s a stretch, is the last time I can plant squash here.

They change a lot over the season.

Why the best part has to face the wall is beyond me.

They looked so bare before and now don’t. A few links less and here we go.

They might self seed if I’m lucky.

Started off as a discounted damaged bareroot iceberg rose and is now a bushy pascali.

I am busy hauling in various soft fruits, still need to lift garlic too, and there is a lit more to come. Things are doing well, the work pays off, Dear Reader. This year I have strawberries again and they are so sweet and tender, a little too tasty and soft as they keep getting attacked, but I cut away the bad and I’ll look into mulching with cardboard once the weather settles a little more. I’m out everyday, but there’s only so much you can do with thunder rain pouring down. It’s funny, Dear Reader, that when you’re harvesting and storing you don’t really realise how much you have, it’s when the season is through you can finally stop and really look. I think there should be a decent crop of wild blackberries this year and I shouldn’t have to go too far afield for them. Though I’m not making much I’ll still make a few pots of jam with them, it’s a tradition at this stage. I’ll be back again later, Dear Reader, until then stay safe and take care.

The older roses are strong.

Just tossed the seeds in there.

Apples are getting big.

Nestled in the big back rose, I guess I have three of these now.

A lovely mix of meadow flowers scattered around.

The wind hasn’t knocked off a single rose head.

They just grow and grow.

Squashes are doing well.

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