Next Year: A Skip Of Garlic

You can stand a few feet away and still smell the roses.

There are a lot of orange lilies around: These were being dumped, another set I bought, another I saved from the skip and the main ones are very rare old lilies.

A colour reveal isn’t faraway for one of the new bouquet roses.

Clematis are reliable and always available cheap.

Yo, Dear Reader, has it really been nine months, that is such a long time and yet so short and yes I’m building up this slightly boring story up with a element of suspense. Not working huh, Dear Reader? Okay, okay, the first third…little over a third…of the garlic has been lifted, some was lifted, whereas some had welded itself to the soil and had to be hacked out. I no longer care about the size or the variety, I just grabbed the wheelbarrow, started with a riddle, then a big tray, and off I went taking up what was ready, freeing up space for squash, forgot I had seventy five litre pots in there too so that’ll be interesting. I hung it in the shed and in a few weeks I’ll have my own garlic again, it’s already cramped in there and when the rest is up and the onions, well, it’ll smell lovely if nothing else. Instead of taking up the onions I grew from leftover set I’ll cure them as small onions for roasting whole. I may have basil when the garlic is ready to eat. Nothing compares to homegrown, Dear Reader.

Birthday Girl if I’m not mistaken.

Saved these as broken bulbs from the skip and look at them now.

Tied and hung. I have a new rail for the rest, aka the curtain rail.

I put down more basil, you can never have enough.

The weather isn’t Summery, but I am seeing a lot of growth still, I’ve also been monitoring the hotbin composter in that vague, but exact way I do most things. No notes, just a lot of memory and I have discovered that it does work in an absurd way. Basically you need a balance of two brown, cardboard etc to on green, grass, kitchen waste, to really get compost nicely broken down. With the hot bin this happens faster, but you need more a four or five to one, which means if I put in green it’ll hit forty degrees at most, but if I put in brown it’ll hit sixty. Which is fine, but put in a little green at sixty and down it goes. If I turn it and keep adding paper I could maybe get faster compost, but less and for more work. Naturally I have my own way and I’ll get great feed from the comfrey and seaweed I added in layers. I haven’t bought liquid feed in years and don’t miss it at all. I would like to get more seaweed, but I’ll just settle for what I can get my hands on right now. Lots to be done yet, Dear Reader, but things are starting to come to fruition, various fruits, herbs and vegetables are all being harvested. All organic and fed with the best of natural feed. All the waste it produces, like the garlic tops and roots, all goes back into the bins to feed next year’s crops and flowers. Good times for gardeners and gourmets, Dear Reader. I’ll be back again later, until then stay safe and take care.

White Orchid is back too.

Might see more passiflora flowers soon.

Yeah, just threw seeds down and here we are.

Smells lovely in there.