Summer Whether

This is coming out of a pot stuck in among others.

The Rambler is hard to capture well. Too close you miss the scale.

Too far and you lose the detail of those lovely flowers.

Still enjoying watching these grow, these must be the Grenadier, I bought that to pollinate the other two.

Lily season is starting.

I think I threw seeds there, but it grew itself.

I got them and they fit just right.

Such a delicate pink with so many folds.

Filling them will take time and luck finding free plants.

I just call all of the small bushes hebes.

Yo, Dear Reader, the Summer weather is still not coming, we’re getting some scorching days followed by muggy overcast days, not ideal for growing, but thankfully not so cold as to do any damage. I’m just trying to keep everything weeded and cleaned up because between the weeds and me things can get messy, Dear Reader. A neighbour decided to strim today so with the open windows because of the heat, no air conditioning here, Dear Reader, just whatever blows in or out, I had just a constant spluttering noise. I decided to done headphones and trim the laurel hedging in front of the Secret Garden. I have mesh to guide it, but the tops needs a cut back, I somehow avoided the just reaching honeysuckle, which should fill it in in time creating a much nicer hedge.

They’re really growing well now. Been over a year already.

Looks like I’ll see strawberries this year at least.

All these silvery plants have incredible foliage colouration and oddly mismatched yellow flowers on long stalks.

This is the front rose, the mother plant died, but this is looking good.

I scattered a lot of these around.

Hoping the wildflowers self seed. I’ll save some if I can too.

So, so many pinks.

They were being thrown way.

Back Honeysuckle is flowering.

Took up a pot to check for blight, they’re just fine thankfully. Sad I can’t eat them, but a friend loves them.

Next month it should bloom.

The weather dictates a lot of gardening, Dear Reader, which is why I so often talk about it, it also affects my joints in various ways so it can make it harder to get some things done. I’ve learned to work on what I can when I can, even if it means leaving what seems important right now. Having a day when nothing needs watering may be the ideal day to fix things up even if I have planting to do, trying to guess the weather to roughly figure a few days ahead for newly transplanted plants is tough these days. It can be hard to put it into words, it isn’t some grand and esoteric knowledge, more practical that has been lost to most people. It’s why if you were here, Dear Reader, you’d hear me lamenting that people are cutting their roses or burning their grass, that plants are going to waste and invasive weeds aren’t be treated. I know what should be done and what needs to to a degree, I just can’t turn it off when I’m not in the garden! Hah.

Stuck them everywhere.

Plenty of roses still blooming.

Big teasel flowers coming out.

A fun little variegation in the purple basil.

Wild roses will establish fast and are sprawling, but I wanted just one from the railway line.

They all look different, all the B roses are from three different roses.

Patience like no one knows put to good use.

Squash is one the loose.

Can still walk in, just about.

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I was talking to someone about the Christmas Market we attended last year, and sold everything at, but the costs are now at a point where it’d be a risk to sell fresh breads and a hassle to make enough jam and jelly, not that they can store indefinitely either, but much longer than fresh breads. I enjoyed it and am glad to end it on a high note, but the price of ingredients would be far too much to take on and keep prices as they are and people don’t often want to support small sellers. It is sad how little community spirit exists in so many places. I would’ve taken a risk if I had still been waiting on the surgery, just for distraction if nothing else, but looking at the way the country is headed with our refusal to accept the government’s, and the people’s, attitude towards covid being a mess of selfishness and anti-science I know I could be met with no support, feels people are getting worse in all aspects not better. So, Dear Reader, let them ask if they want jam, let them come to me, I’ll be in the garden, taking precautions whenever I’m anywhere else. I refuse to back down on my belief that we should support and protect others. Until it’s over for everyone it isn’t over. I’ll be back again later, Dear Reader, hopefully with stories of sunshine and smiles. If not then I’ll have plenty of plant photos. Stay safe and take care, Dear Reader.

I think this and the other in the back are not the same, but very similar.

Red Hydrangea is coming along nicely.

None last year, but they had been moved and it was a really bad year for some fruits.

Bouquet Rose, will need to call it the First Bouquet Rose in time.

Hoping at least one is red.

Bouquet Rose 2 and 3.

Everything has mingled so perfectly.

Lily that survived the Rose Garden renovation somehow. No idea how it came up, but it does year after year.

Thought it’d die after me carving it out of the ground during a storm and nearly tearing my arm muscles in hauling it to a roughly planned spot.

Okay that’s interesting. A wild mix that took two years to flower.