Spring’s Slow Thrills

Californian Lilac is still slowly budding.

All I know is this is a branch I stuck in there because it fell off something. That was years ago.

Hollyhock getting read to spread everywhere again this year.

RTC is all roots & RTC Jr. is mostly shoot.

The bottom is rooting the top die off isn’t an issue.

Noble Orchid is reblooming.

A sure sign Spring isn’t far.

The baby roses are getting more sun and loving it.

Yo, Dear Reader, it has been…what, not even a day? And yet you missed me, shush, so much I, quiet, had to return…let me believe the lie and share with you the coming of Spring. I took a wander out into the garden to see the snowdrops starting again, they were taken from another place and have really thrived here, never had as much luck with buying them as bulbs, naturalised is better I suppose. I’ll take another piece from these again and get them establishing in the newer beds. Overtime I’ve gotten more lax with how I’m planting everything, with experience I have a better understanding I guess and worry less about bare patches, they’re going to happen, Dear Reader, but it’s not hard to fill them as you go and it’s much more enjoyable to have a hodge podge of flowers than neat orderly rows that fail when one plant doesn’t grow.

Bros? Why, yes, yes we are.

Didn’t notice the other shoots until later.

Leaves and new shoots are appearing on the roses.

Going to need a lot more stones, but it’s a start.

So much green already.

I forget which is which for the most part.

In another month this is going to be flush with shoots.

There isn’t much to do yet, I have onions on the way, potatoes will be here in time and will need chitting first, so that means some pots need a refresh, but won’t be getting composted as the bins aren’t ready yet, they were doing so well I kept filling them up. One is resting and it’ll be ready in time, the soil in the pots has improved a lot over the years so I don’t need to add much to them, though you can see the difference when nothing is added, the soil becomes so dry and dead. Never thought I’d learn so much about soil conditioning, but here we are, Dear Reader. Right now I just need to decide what I’ll be growing in the vegetable bed and the greenhouse set up. Nice to feel nothing else beside that, this will be a unique year for me, Dear Reader, no surgeries pending, no waiting daily for letters or calls, just me trying to navigate the strange seasons we’ve been saddled with. I’ll keep you updated on the slow thrill of Spring, Dear Reader, until later, stay safe and take care.

Junior’s first bloom.

Good old RTC.

As long as they’re growing I’m happy.

Currants that need proper covering, every time I fic it the wind rips it off.

Pink Willow Catkins.

Only the tap was actually for a rain barrel, the rest is ad libbed.

I may see seeds with the second amaryllis.