Come Home Harlequin

Bathroom tradescantia is still growing.

Cheap rare (Comparatively that is) plants are surpringly common these days.

RTC Jr. last week, already past this, need a new photo.

Yo, Dear Reader, it has been a little (very) dead around here, the weather hasn’t been bad, but hasn’t be as pleasant as it was, so things are slow and I can’t do as much clearing of weeds as I’d like to, not that I like doing it, Dear Reader, I just have to, but if I have to I’d rather not get slowly saturated by the humidity. Still, I have started getting seeds in, I don’t have as many option as I used to and they cost more, but at this stage I have a good idea of what I need and won’t waste my time on pointless seeds, well, not unless I want to. I’m mostly going with the usual, I’ll just do two sets of peas, the other frame and that side will be for squash this year, a departure, but these days I’m realising that this way is more enjoyable, I’m not trying to optimise the year because it may be lost to a surgery or worse, so I can just have fun and do what I do pretty well. I have taken a gamble and bought squash from England, they may get returned, held in customs or just pass through unscathed, I have seeds a friend went to great lengths to get to me and I have uchiki kuri again as they did so well last year. Four varieties if all grows well. I hope I’ll get my harlequin, if anything that’s one crop I’d grow ever and always, last year felt empty without it if I’m honest, Dear Reader, I’m getting soft in the head these days, between that and getting choked up as RTC Jr. I may need to get out in the sunshine more. I’m doing better, Dear Reader, there’s still a lot to process and a lot of habits to unlearn, I’ll never be the same as if I hadn’t gone through it all, but as I did I want to do all I can to enjoy the year. I hope you’ll stick with me to see how things grow, Dear Reader. Until later, stay safe and take care.

Not that I have room, but I’ll always find it.

This is why I never fill in the depression in the path.