Tapped Out

These have rooted well, I think when they form the calloused ends in water a transfer to soil helps them root better.

Now twice as fast!

The Bouquet Rose, finally took a decent photo of it.

The Chinese Magnolia, still no fancy buds.

All from two inches of rose stem.

Hope it’ll flower heavier this year.

Yo, Dear Reader, it’s getting warmer, we haven’t really had much of a Winter bar like two days of mild frost and already the Spring and Summer bulbs are appearing and I’m just rolling with it, I could panic, but I can’t push them back into the soil. I mean I could, but I doubt it’d help. I’ve been meaning to move the monstrous hollyhock, that was still blooming and is re-growing at the base, I needed a tree loppers to take off the old stalks and found that the small finger sized roots have become massive curled chunks of root, they cost less than two Euro a few year’s ago, I have newer ones, but they’re another variety, I never grew it before this, but they’re great for bees and just taking over a chunk of the garden. Funnily the roots aren’t filling the pot, just one long swelling tube. Which meant a lot of soil was spilt everywhere, which marks the advent of warmer weather I guess, Dear Reader, usually does if I’m honest.

The back rose’s first year with full light.

Going to be amazingly fun to watch it expand.

Excuse the aurora borealis.

It had rooted into the matting.

Swap lilies are alive, may flower this year. May not.

New alpine strawberries have tiny flowers starting.

I have a few odd jobs I’ve been wanting to tackle since the back has grown so much, the rain barrel’s tap was a little high, which wouldn’t be so bad if the tap was faulty too, the barrel might be older than I am, yes, there’s a theme here, Dear Reader, lost of thrift in my family, but it’s sealed well and once I get it in position I can use the smaller barrel for a fertilizer brewer and use the freed up space for wild blackberry experiments. Which may take years to see whether they’ll work or not, they’re the blackberry cutting I got from the railway line, the really large and sweet berries, if it goes well I’ll fill a large pot I’ve had sitting around and I’ll pot them in there and let them intertwine with the laurel hedge. One thing in turn causes another, like a demented game of garden dominoes that never ends. Not that I’d have it any other way, Dear Reader.

Cuttings I didn’t really want, but that refuse to die.

Lots of new growth and strong roots.

Starting up again already.

No clue what variety they are to be honest.

For some reason there’s a lot of grass starting everywhere, wild grass, but also lawn grass, the birds have been busy I suppose, so I’m playing a game of Weed? Grass? Bulb! and hoping that whatever pops up will pop back down again. I’m moving plants around, repotting, mixing up and checking what has survived. I think my cherry blossom tree might actually be okay, I’ll need to wait a while, but I’ve learned to be very patient regarding plants. I am of course staying true to form I emptied a pot and was about to repot the single primrose when I found a dahlia tuber. Yes, Dear Reader, I did do this, but I remember it, I actually left it there to protect it, but forgot it, I found it in a clump of bulbs and dead begonias that has been tossed, no idea what type it is, but I’ve had luck with them before, so it’ll grow in the bed with the bulbs and I’ll forget about it until it pops up again. More fun that way, Dear Reader. I’ll be back again soon, until then stay safe and take care.

I have this inside too, may have to put it out, this one is much happier.

Two blackberries have rooted fast and one wild rose still lives.

Lots popping up.

Bonsai are just small trees and take so, so long to grow. Still I’m getting there.

Lovely to see all these shoots. No idea what half them are.

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