Pssst? What Secrets Have You, Wheelbarrow?!

Might see currants one year, but it’s good for the bees so I don’t mind.

So much deeper now.

It’ll be pretty later. Mostly pretty.

Yo, Dear Reader, no I’m not taking 2022 any more seriously than 2021. So, I didn’t want to mention it because anything to do with medical appointments puts my hackles up and I’m sure it’ll go awry, but thankfully my taking chances where I can made sure I go my booster quickly and with no hassle. Yes, Dear Reader, Jack is triply vaccinated and still has very little intention of being near people, but if I have to I’ll be safer. Naturally I did what everyone does afterwards and went salvaging more kerbing…no, just me, Dear Reader? Anyway, bless the friend that risks her car to help me out, we cleaned it out and by some greater power it was exactly the right length of materials to the inch. Though I did blow out my wheelbarrow getting them in from the car, swings and roundabouts I suppose. This time of year is cleaning up and setting up, dull in other words, Dear Reader, but I’m still glad I thought out the sloped part of the En Suite further, I’m letting it settle for a while, not that it’s likely to slip, those chunks are incredibly heavy and I don’t want to move any for a few weeks again…optimistic that I’ll find more, aren’t I, Dear Reader?

Depending on what level you’re on it looks like it’ll either falling or is perfectly straight and isn’t either.

Clean looking, but empty.

I’ll plug any gaps and fill it with soil. The whole area there has seen so much work, but it was the worst spot in the garden so it’s fitting I suppose. I’m just thinking low plants and low maintenance, the Wild Garden, never can see to drop that name even now, has been studded with bulbs and filled in again, the Rambler Bed, yes I’m bad with names, has been given a boost of bulbs and I finally realised that the big gap at the back of the plant stand is better the other way around so it’s open at the front. Mostly just standard Spring bulbs I bought half price with a gift card, but I’ll add more odds and ends as time goes on. I don’t do patient, or rather I do it too well at times, Dear Reader, but I want to double check the sloped bed because that area is rough, it’s where the invasive weeds are, now under boards and double matted, but at an extreme angle. I’ll leave it a day or two then fill in, it’ll just be nice to see it done. A lot of hauling and lifting has been done, Dear Reader, but I feel good so I can’t complain. Things will start up soon and the Winter Uglies will be forgotten until they start up again. I’ll be back again soon, Dear Reader, until then stay safe and take care.