Weeding? More Like Harvesting

Thrown away and look at it now.

I could say that a lot to be honest.

I mean, this is why I have a lot.

With so any roses the plants are getting monstrous.

It’s so pretty and huge…

I’ll stop, but really so much waste!

Coffee Plants have a lovely natural sheen.

The Rambler is never cut back.

You just kinda fold it back on itself.

Still growing at the far end too.

Yo, Dear Reader, it’s been dry for the last few day and the sun poked out for most of the day so I went out to week and ended up with a wheelbarrow’s worth. I’m glad to have got it done, but I’d be happier if the weeds would stop growing like, er, weeds. Them’s the breaks, Dear Reader, I’m surrounded by weeds, but I keep things from getting over run. I actually had a real harvest too, managed to grab the green tomatoes and will have enough for a grilled green tomato chutney recipe, which I’ll post soon. I honestly thought leaving the tomato plants would be a waste, but the way the weather’s been everything is going so much longer, hard to say what it’ll cause next year. Could mean better garlic and onions, could mean a frost will kill so many wild flowers and hedges. I’m still seeing roses starting to bloom long after they’d be finished, The Rambler is blooming again and I’ve never seen that happen this late in the year, or at least not so much. It gets two big blooms and that’s it usually. Weather’s really getting odd, might seem good in parts, but I tend to look a year ahead and I’m honestly worried, but can’t really counter that. Nature will do what it will at the best of times and these aren’t the best of times.

Saw this and realised I’d regret it if I left it.

Keep mistaking that for a dandelion.

These might be lost in the original location.

I found many new flowers today…yes in my own garden!

The Duck just landed like that, I’ll fic it AFTER IT STOPS BEING DRAMATIC!

So, so many dahlias.

Asparagus fern, I think. Looks like a weed, grows like one too, but I like it.

Neighbour’s old rose.

Came off a tree cut up for firewood.

RTC and RC Jr. are going strong.

Glad I found it, then re-found it again.

I do buy some, if they’re cheap and perennial.

Great year for roses.

Hmmm? No, no the skeleton is fine, thanks for asking. Oh, you’re wondering what in good God’s name I bought another large plant for? Heheh, Dear Reader, I have no idea, but it was cheap and the buds are huge! It’s Medinilla magnifica and I may have underestimated its size or overestimated the room I’m in, but in all honestly I’m tired of waiting for joyful things to come when things are dark, instead I’m grabbing them at every opportunity. I was looking into help for Winter depression adding to depression, as I do every year, and most options were hobbies that’d cost far more than me making a little miniature jungle to sit amongst and it really does make you feel good. Who knows how long these plants will live, some have been here years and some pass through, but the joy they brought can’t vanish. I’m sill in a strange place with everything, the surgery being finish is hitting me, but it’s like each month brings a new feeling that I have to work through. It’s been a long stretch of trauma so I’m just taking my time to heal. Sorry if this got a little heavier than intended, Dear Reader, things are better than they were, but life isn’t an either or, I’ll just keep finding the small joys and make the most out of them. I’ll let you know about the chutney soon, until then stay safe and take care.

This isn’t a shrub, it’s a spill.

Still such an unusual rose.

Gave up on keeping up with deadheading.

Think these are nerines.

My hands are big, but the hollyhock stems are like tree trunks and solid.

They can stay in bloom for months. If the room is okay for them I guess.

Which won’t stop flowering. I’m tossing seeds everywhere too.

For a while I misplaced this azalea, went to the wrong side and couldn’t find it.

Losing count of how much these are blooming.

Lots of colour in among the dying foliage.

The War of the Roses dahlia is unstoppable.

Seriously, how did these get in there?

So, many flowers!

Currently towering over the shed.