Stop Dying You Idiot

The Swamp Lilies likely won’t flower this year, but they’re alive.

It gets ungainly, but is a fantastic colour in the sunlight.

All these are a mystery, one could be red or purple though…maybe all.

I really worried it’d die, but look at my honeysuckle…ball.

Really hoping these seed or return.

Those ended up everywhere somehow, planted them years ago and must’ve spread when I moved soil.

Not everything is pretty, but they’re growing and thriving and that’s all I care about.

So many bits and pieces that may go nowhere.

Next year will be fantastic.

Yo, Dear Reader, I decided to take today to rest and I mostly managed it, I noticed that the front rose in the old wooden planter that has been struggling needed to be cut back and cleaned up and as I was writing a reminder to myself I threw the pen down and went out to do it. Turns out it got covered in wood stain by someone painting the fence, which is bad, Dear Reader, just to be clear, don’t do that. So, as this rose arrived nearly dead, so many roses came from a neighbor “gifting” (Dumping) them to me, so it can revive again, the root is fine and there’s a solid branch so I’ve moved it to the Secrete Garden, where the old entrance was and yes I had that in my head for later too, everything clicks eventually. It might grow, but it needed moving, I took cutting, not that it’s special, but why not? and I have marked the planter with a ring to avoid damaging the other roses, which I rescued from being buried under the new housing estate. I have noticed some roses seem to do little until the Autumn and then they really grow, they’re older varieties so that might be why. For now I leave that pot empty and keep an eye out for a big replacement, it’s a big pot, that I rolled across the road. Again: Would’ve been buried. This is why i have a lot, Dear Reader, I just refuse to give in.

Forgot I had this to be frank.

This blueberry bush doesn’t produce much fruit, but the bees like it and the colour change is pretty.

You could sprain your neck looking up at the roses.

Funny how plain is interesting when the plant is variegated.

The Hollyhock, Rose and Dahlia have all twined atop Naru’s Garden.

Wanted holly for the birds in Winter and it wasn’t available anywhere to buy, but I got it.

Ah, the grasses, I vaguely remember you.

I have no idea, Dear Reader, the pot is caught so I didn’t want to risk breaking them.

This formed into a ring shape above the other dog, Nukem. He has a rose, but Naru was my baby so she gets a garden.

It’s surpringly warm right now and there’s still a lot of Summer flowers blooming and starting to rebloom, doesn’t seem like anything will be damaged if it turns cold, but I’ll do what I can. I’ve used fleece in the past, but it can get wet and freeze causing more issues, I figure if a plant can’t live in the garden as a perennial it can stay the year as an annual. Which is why I no longer pay over odds for plants. I’ll take whatever people throw away and make them thrive and in return they’ll stay in the garden for years and years. I haven’t been the biggest fan of shrubs, but all the hebes are growing well and they fill so many nooks and crannies and I haven’t bought as a single one. I’m aware, Dear Reader, that comes up a lot, but well I am what I am and what I am is thrifty and stubborn. Winter is getting closer, but it feels so much calmer, no knowing the surgery won’t happen for another year, still a lot of anger there, but I’m putting that into the garden. I know the Winter will affect my mood, but it won’t be as dangerous or damaging as previous years and I have a fair few indoor projects on the go. Gardening is my everything right now, Dear Reader, but for the first time in a while it feels more joyful than anything else. I’ll be back later, Dear Reader, currently watching Biollante near the floor, exciting huh?, but I’ll make time from my busy schedule. Until then stay safe and take care.

What? Oh, Merry Christmas to you too, pot.

Outdoor and indoors are similar in size, it’ll be fun seeing which grows faster, outside has a bigger rootball right now.

Still a weird shape, but still a joy to watch a rose grow from a slip.

I’ll cut them this year, but not too much.

Aquilegia self-seeded in the stones and I hadn’t the heart to toss it before I gave it a chance and it’s back already. It’s been what, two weeks?

What’s with me forgetting about purple plants?!

Covid bush, I’ll find out what it is properly in time.

Thanks birds.

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