I’ll Regret It After I Stop Laughing

If I’d grown it on purpose it wouldn’t have done so well.

Pretty, but droopy.

Dramatically lit pumpkin.

Started back in May. Still growing.

Plenty of these still incoming.

Never saw one do so well.

Yo, Dear Reader, I have finally ticked another thing off my simple bucket list, I bought one of the “large” houseplants…”house” plants I guess, which cost a fraction of what it’d cost anywhere else. Yes I’m cheap and yes, Dear Reader, I have a fiddleleaf fig just crammed in my room. By comparison the yucca is now small and surely that frees up room, no? Oh, well, I wanted to do this for a year or two and in getting a second big plant as a surprise for a friend I just went with it. I’m told they’re a fiddly, heh, plant to take care of. I’ll do my best as always, I’ve set up my grow lights for Winter, at a gentle setting to just compensate for all the incoming dark days. I’ve also been reading up on propagation, Jack is good, Dear Reader, but also smart enough to know that not all plants survive. Funnily outside the angel wings senecio, the first, was looking rough and I was removing it to discard the old plant and found that the whole pot was roots, this was just a half-dead cutting as you may remember. It may just return next year, as may the others, so I’ll left the frost do what it will to the top, nothing last time funnily, and enjoy the fact nature has it’s own ideas about what’ll live and die.

The seeds would be a weird cross so I didn’t save them, this year’s mixes were enough.


The blackberries are spreading rapidly.

Like a tray of sunshine.

Lovely colour at this time of year.

Mystery dahlia is getting there.

Marked trugs have been amended and are ready to be planted.

I’m getting a few things ready for filling up the freezer, the pumpkin was surpringly easy to carve and had really sweet smelling richly coloured flesh inside. The scones are a rework of these with all buckwheat flour, no flax, doubled and an extra egg. I was having huge issues with them coming out badly baked and it turns out it was the oven that wasn’t heating, these came out so much better tasting with the new oven. There wasn’t much water in the squash, even after roasting I had a lot, so I’ve blended and frozen it for future baking. I still have so much squash to use yet, but I’m not in any rush and as there’s no surgery hanging over me I don’t have to consider when to eat or not to, so much was poisoned by that, Dear Reader, still healing, but doing well. Apparently the nipples heal very slowly if at all fully, but I’m more worried about my arm still, I have grip strength thankfully so I’ll continue to use a compression support and strengthen it along with massaging. I have a lot of pots to fill and move, no rush mind, so I’ll get plenty of working out done. The compost has been left resting so long it’s getting to a very fine crumbly texture, just packed with worms. They like the insects seem to love it here. Not much else to say, Dear Reader, I’ll be back again soon, for now I’ll get back to my tree infested room. Until later, stay safe and take care.

I just dropped batter, they’re only for me after all.

Aside from you, Dear Reader, no one really sees all there is here.

I’m weeding, there’s just so many seeds blowing in year round.

Forgot I had this.

Self-seeded pansies are really strong growers.

The honey from here must taste amazing.

Half was bought, half was free.

Same, maybe less bought though.

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