Until We Can’t

Never saw the buds, some kind of daisy. Plant ID is always a crapshoot, I’ll wait for it to open.

Gentle fig tree, seems to be hitting a perfect limit on growth.

Yes, I did start Strawberries near Winter.

One of the Canna I grew from a seed from the original is flowering and is yellow rather than red!

Yo, Dear Reader, I feel that at this time of year when everything is winding down I make jokes about how nothing is winding down, so instead I’m going to go ahead and fully embrace this refusal to gently fade into near Winter that the plants are epitomising and instead I’ll make the most of whatever we have. I am just doing whatever work the weather permits and trying to push things as far as they can go. I had to feed my indoor plants with a strong dose as none of them are slowing down either, my room still smells strong of orchid blossoms, RTC Junior has taken up the cause of revenge by better living and is currently exploring beyond the pot, not that I have any hope of altering it now, those roots are important and I refuse to endanger them, run free, buddy. My Sweetheart Plant, Biollante, has almost reached the floor and must be nearing six feet in length if it hasn’t already. The Yucca, nicknamed the Covid tree as it was bought at the beginning of, well, all of this, the first time I left the house alone in seventeen years, refuses to die…not that I neglect it, but I will have to risk moving it to a dimmer location soon as it’s blocking the window. In fairness, Dear Reader, so are the other two ferns and the lucky bamboo. Indoor or out packed is my method, Dear Reader, as much per square inch as possible.

If these manage the height of the others they’ll be incredible.

RTC Junior is a joy.

Problem with this is it just looks like an all too familiar weed that grows here.

Dare I say it’s prettier than the white? I do.

My Silver Pothos cutting is now a well established plant.

These are all hidden under the leaves. Nearly feel in trying to see them.

I took the rainy day as a reason to clean up my spice rack, I bulk buy whenever I get gluten free spices, free from any contaminants, a hardship finding those as I’m sure you’re all to familiar with, Dear Reader, with the way the world is I’m getting even more prepared. So, I have big bags, and many small ones, and small jars so instead I’ve moved the spices I use most to big jam jars so I can refill blends easily and the blends, some so far, have the exact ratios fore refilling just the jar marked on the back. As long as the spices smell then they’re fine, they never go off, they just lose flavour and that takes quite a while in my experience. I did find in my panic over pepper, again the surgery looming put a lot of pressure on every aspect of my life, I ended up with way too much rainbow peppercorns. I’ve been grinding and using them in blends. I’ve invested in another grinder, this one is getting on in years and the new one has a removable and washable insert, for grinding rice flour which I’m having issues finding in white only. Life with so many complications requires so much exhausting planning, Dear Reader, as I know I don’t need to tell you if you’re here. Still things balance, I had a feed of garden vegetables today, squash, a yellow, thick-skinned one, sweet and soft, golden beetroot that were left long enough this time to swell and carrots that are much bigger, still cramped, but better. The garden rewards, Dear Reader, and is currently seeing me daily hauling out waste to the compost bins, I’d swear it fills itself! It’ll all cycle back around again, it always does as long as I’m here. I’ll be back soon, Dear Reader, until then stay safe and take care.

I love this cactus.

Just letting the tomatoes grow, I’ll see how they fare this time.

A second bloom for the delicate 50+ rose!

Just threw those wild plants in there for soil and instead they’ve flourished.

Even the Carpet Roses look happier in here.

Next Year I grow these properly…I say that every year mind.