Get Down From There!

The shed smells so, so nice now that the onions and garlic has been heated slightly.

Simmered and strained so no bits.

The only survivor from a set of three I got cheap. You takes your chances etc.

One of three yellow roses that all ended up planted together.

Having them mix together is great for colour combinations.

Solo is great too.

The titular squash.

Every year I forget to tie them up and I still have time…probably won’t.

Even the duck is struggling in the heat.

Yo, Dear Reader, somehow it’s getting hotter, currently my room is nearly thirty degrees and I have two fans running trying to get rid of some of the heated air, like bailing water out of a sinking ship, but it’s all I have. I’d be cooler outside, but I just can’t sit still in the garden and I’ve already been out all day. Well, I did come in to make jelly, I was told to harvest blackcurrants and just decided to go for it. Interestingly you can use more sugar because they’re high in pectin and acidity, I added a lemon while simmering and they turned out with an extremely sweet taste that ends almost tart, but not quite and it’s a shame and likely a good thing I can’t eat this. Bar the tester spoon, need to make sure I haven’t screwed up, but that hasn’t happened yet, Dear Reader, had to go wrong with so much sugar. I did use some jam sugar so you could probably carve this jelly up with a knife and fork. I found cheaper jam sugar so I’m set for a while, blackberry season isn’t far away. I’m rediscovering some simple joys that the surgery limbo took away, learning to go with my own ideas too, not listening to others. The amount of jams and jellies that went out to people too early and to no thanks was a teaching experience. Now the right ones get them and the rest can buy ’em.

Well, look what can be just grown again and again.

The anemone style dahlia nice, small, but striking.

Wish I’d planted more, didn’t realise they’d do so well this year.

Still have another that came with this to bloom yet. Lots to come yet everywhere too.

Another tree lily getting ready to open.

I work fast and it’s hot anyway.

I’ll deadhead whenever I can stop watering.

So, so many roses.

Currently holding part of the rambler up.

I forgot how big that can get when it isn’t almost dead.

Harvesting the cabbages ass needed and there’s almost no damage, any damage might be from when they were yet to be transplanted into the main bed, whether it was the slug pellets outside of the bed or the onions lining it is hard to say and either way easy to repeat. The onions outside were the small, leftover sets that I’d usually end up composting. Instead I harvested nice small onions, pulled a few huge bolted ones too, I’ve never bothered letting them flower, I will eventually just to see, but I’m busy right now, every day brings so much and I’m watering a neighbour’s, mercifully small, garden too. The heat is making things wilt, but also causing others to grow like there’s no end to it. One squash was starting to climb the rose and I laughingly tried to prise it off and couldn’t because it had already climbed the rose all the way to the top. I’ve kept things wet so there’s no problem with soil too dried out to rehydrate properly, learned that lesson two years ago. Funnily the indoor plants remain slow, many of these are made for this kind of weather, but inside they still just grow at a much slower pace. I shouldn’t complain about plants staying compact, but I never learn, Dear Reader, that’s part of my charm I’m sure. When the monstera is huge and I have bought another huge plant then and only then will I maybe possibly learn something. Only maybe mind. Enjoy the photos, Dear Reader, I’m off to try to prevent myself from just dissolving. Until later, stay safe and take care.

A bushier rose that has managed to climb over the wall.

The tallest rose.

Messier, but still so fragrant and colourful.

It’s really filling out the other barrel planter…funny thing to have two of when neither came whole.

Can’t go wrong with far too many roses.

Even dying back the rambler is beautiful.

Smells so wonderful too. When the wind comes it spreads throughout the garden.

Now, if we ignore the out of place squash and look we fan see the everlasting sweetpeas yet live.

Jasmine has revived too.

Welcome to the wall of peas.

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