Royal Icing

Yo, Dear Reader, for a brief time this is turning back into a recipe blog, heh, but seriously I have a few recipes, this one is pretty much the standard for the site, but the others are based on a commercial flower blend and will be slightly different, they’ll be more slapdash and I’ll preface the posts with the fair warning that I can’t eat what I’ve made, but I can stand by it. It may be useful for someone out there looking for a couple of quick and easy cakes, anyways, they’ll use this and you’ll see them later in the week, whatever day it is now, it’ll be later. I could look, but too busy!

More work than just water and icing, but much more attractive.

Do raw egg whites freak you out? Well, the sugar denatures the eggs making them safe and I’m sure the lemon plays a part too, it’s still a pretty simple icing despite the many steps, I had to use a brand of icing I can’t eat, but a tester called it delicious. I’m making for a fair and am using ingredients I can’t use myself. This is something I’ve meant to make for years and it really only take a few minutes to come together, you can adjust the consistency with a little water, this was thick, but easily spreadable. I didn’t add any vanilla extract as to keep it white. There really isn’t much to it, Dear Reader, it’s setting up nice and firm, still pliant as I put it on very heavy and thick, you can adjust the thickness to change the firmness of the icing, thinner will have more of a shell like consistency. I have a few posts to type up so I’ll leave it at that, simple recipes like this are great for combining with others. Until later, Dear Reader.


400g Icing Sugar
60g Egg Whites, About 2 Eggs
Dash Lemon Juice


1. In a clean bowl beat Egg Whites on a slow speed until soft peaks form.

2. Slowly add in the icing sugar 100g at a time and when the Icing starts to thicken increase the speed.

3. When the Sugar has been incorporated completely add in the lemon and beat until a stiff, slightly duller icing has formed. Use immediately or put into an air tight container and leave in the refrigerator.

I made a wheat flour tea brack too.

More Coconut Macaroons too.

Mincemeat loaf cake too (Wheat).


4 thoughts on “Royal Icing

  1. Dear neighbor, I am surprised that you don’t make your own icing sugar by running plain sugar in your coffee grinder. I made royal icing sugar last year to decorate special Christmas cookies for my niece’s kids (those with a nut allergy, thankfully they are not allergic to me 😄). The lemon juice, I was told, gives the icing a very white color. I added drops of raspberry juice to half of the batch for a pink color. As I was making the cookies for children, I didn’t dare try beet juice for a deeper color (maybe?) or spinach (yikes!) for a more Christmasy tone!
    Is the fair over? How did it go?

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    • I managed to get some for myself this time, I often forget about me, and I really won’t make the icing often, but it is so good I’m sorry I didn’t try it sooner! With my baking they managed to raise over 300 Euros for the local charity. I’ve decided to put up an order sheet on Facebook for anyone in the area who wants to buy cakes and cookies, partly because one person wanted them and others may and partly to preempt anyone begging for free baking. I’m learning, slowly but surely. Hope you’re keeping well!

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