Doves Farm Flour Blend Pastry

I have been baking for a local fair and as I wanted to include a few gluten free options I decided to buy some pre-blended flour. I will say right now I can’t eat these, but I wanted to share what can be done with this specific flour blend, your millage may vary as blends vary greatly. I’m still not a fan of these flours or their texture, but I understand how useful they can be. These recipes are in no way sponsored or endorsed by Doves Farm, considering I may run them down they might pay me to stop, and they aren’t regular recipes so please understand that I can’t offer much outside of the recipe here, but I wanted to put them up as an example usage of the flour that may be of benefit to a few of my Dear Readers.

Yes, Dear Reader, you know honest Jack can’t lie, or won’t rather, I can only tell you about how I feel you might have a completely different reaction to these, a few people tried them and loved them, they fine as far as a pastry hat takes all of fifteen minutes to make with only two, three if you count the water, ingredients to make. They’re convenience and I understand that people enjoy that, not that many understand some of us just don’t have the luxury or convenience when it comes to food.

This is just your garden variety, unsweetened pastry, but I’ll try to help you as best I can. The preparation is the same as usual, from flour and marg to breadcrumbs, to a dough, to an, honestly, weak dough. It rips really easily, Dear Reader, you can see how thick I made it and even then when inserting it into the cases it tore. I warned you I would be honest, despite all the starches this is still an extremely weak flour, you might find that ground chia made into an egg may make it more durable, but I won’t be returning o this, this was a way to use it rather than waste it. It bakes fine, holding its shape well enough, but it has a sickly pallor that I had to disguise as it looked almost raw. I make a buckwheat chia pastry that is far closer to gluten based flour pastry than this ever could hope to be. If you use the flour then fine, I’m not saying you should change that, but I just want to point out hat there are other options. I will have two more recipes using this flour that are better, they’re heavily iced and flavoured to help mask the heaviness  of the flour. I did say it’d be a different kind of post, Dear Reader and I can only be honest. I’ll be back soon, see you then.

I had to coat them in watery honey to get any colour, the bottom is the original colour after a long bake time.

Yes, that is way too much jam, thank you. The kids loved them.


400g Doves Farm Gluten Free Plain White Flour
200g Margarine, Very Cold, Cut Into Cubes
Cold Water as Needed


1. Add the Flour into a bowl. Add the Butter and mash together with your hands until it forms a dry, breadcrumb like mixture.

3. Add a Tbsp of Cold Water and knead together. Keep adding Water and kneading until the Dough holds its shape when pinched together.

4. Form into a flat disc and place in fridge for 15 minutes.

5. Dust a work surface with flour and roll out pastry. If it cracks then it’s too thin, if pastry cracks when inserting into a greased pie dish then cover the cracks with leftover pastry.

6. Bake at 180c (Fan) for about fifteen minutes, until dry to the touch, pastry will still be pale. Brush with Egg or Honey if a browner finish is required.


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  2. I am still stubbornly struggling to find a way to make a gluten-free dough that would be as close to flaky as possible. I have tried freezing layers of ghee butter to encase it inside the dough but it didn’t work very well. After reading your post, I am thinking maybe I should try with small pea size pieces instead of a flat layer. Always learning from your posts, so thank you !

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