I Will Not Leave Well Enough Alone

Golden Gourmet probably won’t return, though they did well before.

Red Sun on the other hand, or in the pother pot, are large and healthy.

The weather hasn’t been great, but things are coming along.

More delicious crops to come.

Yo, Dear Reader, I had my suspicions about those shallots, the seed onions were very bad, but I took a chance and still ended up with a fair amount out of a single pot, I admit I was angry, all that time and investment wasted, but as I stumbled through the roses blocking the path with their profusion of blooms, stepped around the new thriving climber I started to get some perspective, the garden has its persuasive ways,  I realised I still harvested three bundles of shallots, all edible, all natural and there is still so much to come. I’m telling you this because we can understand something like appreciating what you have or the bigger picture, mostly when it’s happening to someone else, but when it’s us we can revert to a more selfish scared view, but you can learn to accept that and grow with it. I had a moment of despair, comes with lifelong depression, a sudden, unexpected mishap can be amplified greatly, but I took a moment and really looked at the situation, I didn’t do it without effort and I won’t ever say that I can, none of us can do that, but to many claim they do. So, when we first start to try and we fail we can feel we’re unique in our frustration rather than being like everyone else. I’m telling you what I wish had been told to me long ago, Dear Reader, the onions are just a useful tool, also they taste good.

The Sugarsnaps are starting.

 Another cabbage, some damage outside.

But inside looks good.

The greenshaft and sugarsnaps are together and I got them muddled. I do this every year.

I think there are more blooms on the tall roses this year.

These really are attractive.

I’ll be honest, Dear Reader, I’ve been hit with a painful sinus infection, so I haven’t been sleeping so well couple that with a lot of DIY in very few days and I am sightly muddled, in other words I returned to this and have completely lost the train of my own thoughts. I do remember climbing into the wild patch, wresting the bottomless bucket free and being amazed at how much that Passion Flower had sprouted as I carried it away to be re-potted. The bindweed was starting to encroach and I didn’t want o see something that had come back so strongly to die tangled in that all too present weed. Between weather and DIY I haven’t had much time in he garden, I still harvested that cabbage that became three servings of bacon and cabbage, which freezes well, but I will keep you up to date and hopefully come back to myself soon. Until then, take care, Dear Reader.

Okay, I’ll leave it alone now.

Purple podded peas are easier to distinguish.

The rambler finally took root and as I was checking it I saw a rosebud, it has gone to the promised person.

This is supposed to be two-tone, maybe when it opens.

The under-view of the droopy roses.

I’m fairly sure these are Queen Fabiola.

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