High In Iron! Eat Hydrangeas!

I guess they’re sucking up the iron in the soil.

I wonder how far the blue will spread?

Even the clone is changing.

I love the colour of the Burgundy Ice. Give it a few years and they’l be so strong and blooming in profusion.

Maybe don’t, I’ve heard a lot about the Hydrangea diet, that I didn’t just make up, but it’s only effective if you buy my book: “101 Recipes For Hydrangea”…okay, you caught me, Dear Reader, I was joking again, there are actually 200 recipes for…NO! COME BACK! How I have a readership at this stage is a mystery rivaling the Bermuda Triangle. Still, here we are again, Dear Reader, at a slight standstill awaiting sunshine and more growth, after the warm sunshine a quick downpour and back to humid things have really sped up, so what better time than to talk about what I’m planning to do with some of the harvest, what will transpire is anyone’s guess, but I usually keep to the plan.

The small purple podded peas are the tallest.

The mini white rose finally appeared.

Still so many to appear.


I have promised that some of the rhubarb, very slow this year, no idea why, but it’s true fore everyone so I’m okay with that, we all suffer together and it’s fine, but me alone is intolerable!, heh, will go towards Orange and Rhubarb Jam, I also want enough redcurrant to make Raspberry Jelly with red currants for a friend, it was an accidental combination that was absolutely delicious. I’ll make some Blackberry jam when the wild ones are ripe, another month or two yet, Dear Reader, but when they appear they should be plentiful and sweet as the weather is perfect for slow berry ripening. Other jams might appear, it depends on my whims and caprices. I love berries in savoury sauces so the strawberries might end up paired with beef rather than in jars. With the absurd volume of onions I planted I might repeat what I did one year and Caramelise a batch and freeze them pureed, it’s so good added to sauces and gravies. I’m looking at green cabbage recipes, not for myself, but I’ll share them if they work, that will need to be freezable and easily portioned. I’m looking at a sauteed cabbages and bacon side, my Mother does like bacon and cabbage, but making a whole meal would make too much, this looks like a better option. If the red cabbage grows or appears in the shops I’ll make a batch of the Braised Red Cabbage from last year.

Another rose that was dumped on me.

The wind keeps wrecking everyone’s roses…not mine though.

The Pink Among the Peach.

Gently bobbing in the wind.

There will be a sudden rush of fresh ingredients, I’m making the best use of them as I can, both in fresh preparations and frozen. My diet’s restrictions can be hellish and they take a huge toll on my mental health, I’m tired of deliberating whether to talk about this often, Dear Reader, no longer out of sense of shame or fear, but because I don’t want to feel responsible for educating, there are enough resources after that that’s not my problem, you’re a great Readership, Dear Reader, and I know I can mention it and not have to worry. Anyway, the limits do take a toll, but using what the garden produces and stretching it just enough to see me through the Winter and Spring really help a great deal. The garden is a mixture of stress and peace, not always in even parts, but it has been a blessing, one that takes so much more work than most people realise. It’s all too easy to get bitter about that when people’s ignorance intrudes, but it’s mine, all mine, I have no one to answer to, no one to prove myself to, which is freeing, Dear Reader, so freeing. Okay, that’s it for today, enjoy the photos and I will hopefully be back with even more to share in the not to distant future, until then, take care, Dear Reader.

Last year’s weakest rose.

The African Corn Lilies are starting to bloom.

Sugarsnap Bon remain a great cropper.


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