Same Old, Same New: One Last Note On Coconut Reductions

I would’ve had a photo, Dear Reader, but I forgot to take one. I used the Lebanese Seven Spice Mix with fried onion and coconut milk and it was really delicious, which is what lead to this last post. Not the last in this series, which has been extremely useful and will continue on until I run out of every possible variation for everything I eat. So, not for a while is what I’m saying. As you know I’ve been playing around with coconut milk and cream reductions for a while, though this seems simple on the surface it’s actually taken me a long to to come to this stage of my culinary experience. See, what I had to do was find the recipe, which when I first found a coconut reduction it was absolutely tasteless, I think it was an adapted version that just omitted and that’s not the best away forward when converting recipes. So I went searching for similar recipes. Then I had to learn to cook it exactly, learn what ways it can and can’t be adjusted then find all these other recipes that cross into it. That as you can imagine took a lot of dinners, you don’t just create a recipe without any thought and the ideas therein have to come from somewhere inspiration can only take you so far, experience is what counts.

I’m saying this because though I’m taking about quick, adaptable recipes they’re anything but simple, hey come from a place of hard work and graft, even if the end result is easy it doesn’t mean its creation was. So, stick with it if you’re just starting to learn, Dear Reader, I’m an old hand and I’m still learning. This recipe, or this formula is so simple to remember and works so well it’s silly it took so long, it is similar to my curries, but without the thickening and thus with further reduction and as there’s a simple flavour profile different flavours present themselves in varying degrees. So, this is what I’ve found works:

Coconut Milk/Cream + Any Spice Blend + Fried Onion = Basic Pan Sauce

Can you? Yes, you can do anything with this, but why it’s working for me is I have a lot of spice blends just sitting here, many were used in marinades that I can no longer eat, with this sauce, some chicken, either whole or chopped, some brown rice I have a very quick, tasty and different meal whenever I need it. The coconut milk develops a richness in its reductive state, the onion gives a powerful backing flavour when taken to a golden colour, the spices are able to shine through as there isn’t much to obscure them, also as this sauce reduces a lot they’re present in a greater ratio than in the curries. You can of course use a thickener, I use less to help the sauce reduce, but as with everything in this it’s optional. This isn’t going to amaze and astound, but it will keep you from getting tired of the same meals, who on a free-from diet doesn’t end up here, all too often, and allows for flexibility in the preparation.

So, as far as me posting new reductions, unless there’s something incredible in my future I’ll probably lay off, there just isn’t much I can do with them that’ll be worth sharing. Play with your food, Dear Reader, don’t even think that you’re completely boxed in there are many ways to change what you’re using every day in something new, every time you chop something differently you change it, whenever you take a risk and toss something sweet into a savoury dish, or vice versa, you find yourself with more space to breathe, to relax and enjoy food and that’s vital to sticking to this kind of lifestyle. It’s why I enjoy sharing in this format, it frees me from an exact formula I have to follow and let’s me share the silly, insignificant recipes with all of you. Very few people keep up a cookbook perfect style of cooking daily, but not everyone wants to admit that. I cook every day from scratch and I eat healthy, well prepared food, but I’m never going to present myself as some lofty goal or all of my Dear Readers, if you’re not what I am but you’re working towards it then stick to it, if I can do it anyone willing can, Dear Reader. Until later, take care.


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  1. Hello dear neighbor 😊
    Here is a variation on coconut reduction: recently I have been chopping fresh mint and sage from our garden (soon to be someone else’s???) and letting them infuse in coconut milk while I cook pork or lamb chops. When the meat is done, I take it out and pour the herbs and coconut milk onto the pan drippings, add some salt, and stir on low heat — not too long otherwise the coconut milk starts acting funny, just long enough to get a rich creamy sauce . Absolutely delicious. Too busy to post the recipe, as a very wise neighbor of mine once wrote, it takes “ a lot more to create and type up than you’d imagine.”
    Thank you for all your posts. Take care.

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