Rose Bonsai

Pink Fir Apple Potato.

Living Rock Plants.

Iris Katharine Hodgkin.

No, there’s no order to these. I will not put them in order. Nyeh!

Spick and span pond, hopefully it’ll start again in Spring.

I had some plant delivered today, Dear Reader, and as the day was fine I went out to get a few more odd jobs finished. I’ve finally gotten around to clearing out the old pond, it’s a pond! just in miniature, water and even added a little granular feed into the porous clay tipped tube. We’ll have to wait and see if it’ll return, there was an offshoot growing into the pot’s side so it might be a strong plant. There’s a lot of life starting to appear, the frost and cold seem to have stirred some plants into greater activity, makes sense, they’re supposed to go dormant and then return and that doesn’t happen with the all too variable weather patterns. They’ll adapt and so will I, already I’m more patient this year after all. Though I managed to buy my seeds on exactly the same day as last year. The plants and I are creatures of habit I suppose.

They’re so large compared to the stem.

For an old coal scuttle, covering a stump, filled with old bulbs it did well.

They feel like they popped out overnight.

Pruning cheap roses. I will not throw them away!

Black Grass for a friend. They have thick taproots.

I learn a little each year, I’m much more used to the bright yellow roots of these grasses, I have a few varieties in the garden, I never bought any, one was a huge fluke, the other a rescue and this was a gift, now being re-gifted. The roots are very strong on even this small chit of a plant, they share the root colour with the Red Hot Pokers, there’s probably an interesting reason for that, but I have no idea. Maybe next year, Dear Reader! I’m currently reading up about these succulents, which die from over-watering, watering at the incorrect time, watering more than twice a month and even if they’re too pampered. Eve if they die I’ll learn something, knowing my fluky luck in he garden I’d end with a huge plant and nowhere to put it.

It’s like thrifty bonsai.

African Red Hot Poker.

Mother and Child Daffodil?

I’ve never seen this crocus before.

They were 1.50, but I like to see how long they live. Last year they survived over a year.

The biggest difference this year will be the large planters instead of the raised beds, I’ll have more surface area to play with and I’ve lost little depth. They’re all amended thanks to the composter being ready. When I was replacing the squash pots, I need to take more photos, Dear Reader, I ended up with too much soil, compression kept them tightly packed, and used that to fill pots for flowers that I bought and one I was gifted. All going well I’ll have a new Dahlia, Canna and Lily for you to see. I’ll keep find space in the garden, though I have to run out eventually, Dear Reader, just not this year it seems. Next up will be the Potato, Onion and Shallot planting. I’m curently trying something with a segment of ginger, if it works you’ll hear about it of course, if not it was worth a try. I lost a huge chunk last year to poo weather, I hope to one day get an established ginger plant. Maybe this is he year of ginger? Who know, Dear Reader, until later then, take care.

An aspiring tree.

This one is worth watching.

A present for me and a friend, we’ll see who kill theirs first.

Not to be outdone it seems. This was like a clump of spiderwebs. Now I know why.


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