Down The Garden I Go…Feet First

This lasted a day then turned to deadly clear ice.

It’s been two, maybe three months so far…should’ve written a note.

Not every rose is for the dead or from the dead…just most.

I, well, I fell in the garden, Dear Reader. Somehow I slipped on some ice, went backward with a bucket of scraps that I somehow held shut, if I had the time to see myself fall at least I could hold off on getting a lap full of kitchen waste. I did tuck my chin in and save my brain, but my hip and elbow took a bashing, what’s worth sharing is that I was able to rise from a prone position without any issue. Last time I fell I was overweight and it took four people to bring me to my knees. Aside from me cursing every single spec of snow and lamenting the puddle I found myself in I’m fine, stiff, but I have a stupidly high threshold for pain. It wasn’t really my fault though, where I stepped there wasn’t an visible ice, it was so clear. Honestly, I’m just sharing that I was able to get back up with ease, that’s really amazing to me. I don’t advise falling onto the ground, Dear Reader, especially when carrying soggy food waste.

Keeping people’s memories alive is important.

I should plant amongst the hyacinth.

I was photographing the scones, but someone had to appear.

This can be deceptive, but it looks good.

So, aside from my luging the garden is mostly unphased by the weather. Some of the bulbs look better for the cold, I know garlic needs a bit of snow, and I suppose bulbs that are acclimatised to it would benefit too. It took the same beating last year and looks better for it this year, nature know how to look after itself, Dear Reader, I’m just the gardener. The rambler from the women’s dead sister, my garden is a melodrama at heart, seems to be rooting, I’m rooting for it at least. If I could get a viable plant out it this would be amazing, it would also prove that my green-growth idea, that green fresh grow works best for transplanting, is valid as I have had an accidental success before with green rose cuttings. Four of the roses in the garden were grown from that test. One of the earliest clones is in the front garden, though it is prone to blackspot like it’s parent, and another that grew by mistake is somewhere in the garden in a pot. I lose plants a lot and I forgot, I found a second pot of the tulips that rotted growing happily. We shall have Pastel Tulips, Dear Reader.

Little grouch.

Finally they opened!

They’re more sheltered now.

Dwarf Irises, Katharine Hodgkin.

In typing this I began to think hat adding a few smaller bulbs amongst the larger sparse ones might be a good idea, I’d need to do it while the stems are still visible. I’m currently looking at onion sets and a few Summer bulbs, I like looking, Dear Reader, far too much for my poor wallet. The garden will endure this weather, he wormery is swaddled in a blanket, safe in the greenhouse, the worse are huddled in the centre and the birds are being amply catered to. The slugs are being tackled, they’ll die in this cold and here I am generously feeding them to them demise first, what a kind soul I am. Okay, I hate killing anything, but they’d literally eat every single plant in the garden otherwise. I look after the beneficial insects, that’s my life’s work it seems, Dear Reader, not a bad one really. Until later, take care.



2 thoughts on “Down The Garden I Go…Feet First

  1. I am glad you are safe. Falling (even without weight problems) can lead to a hospital trip, followed by weeks of misery, I know it too well. Ice can be very treacherous.
    Your gardening philosophy « nature knows how to look after itself, I’m just the gardener » is a good one!
    Inspired by you and my two sister-in-law’s, I bought seeds and fat balls for the local birds. My husband hung the balls in the walnut tree, they love it! Watching the different types of birds come to eat, some in groups, others as loners, brings peace to the mind.
    Take care, watch your step, your garden needs you!

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    1. I’m thankfully just stiff but now more cautious. We have a large window that looks out onto the feeders and not one person who comes in can stop looking at the birds, I even get distracted watching to see what will come while cooking. Thank you and a have a great day.

      Liked by 1 person

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