What Is This? The Nineties

Depending on who you’re talking to I’m either that nice young man or…a pile of dust, but I do remember the absolute terror of visiting sites on a Dial-Up connection and waiting minutes for a single photo to load, if it loaded at all. So, as I haven’t had anything to photograph, consider these last few posts as a new style of retro-blogging. I’m a pioneer!

I’m actually here to talk about me, just me for a change, not a story reshaped to help facilitate understanding when read by many, just a story about Dearest Darling Jack, Dear Reader. You might have seen me mention that I struggle to find stockists of my gluten free cereals, there are a lot of limits on something that seems so simple and I have always struggled, never really ran out, but only by virtue of constant vigilance and research into new brands. It’s stressful to say the least. So, oh! There is one thing I want to mention first, stick with me, Dear Reader, it’ll make sense in the end.

I always say that any dietary changes I make, any food choices I prefer are all my own decision, they’re backed by reason, facts and logic, but I still stress the fact that they are my choices, my dietary needs, that no matter what they accomplish for me they may not have the same effect on you and you need to use them not as an absolute guide but as a rough template. I also never start something and then blog about it, I make sure of the effect it’s having and whether it’s something worth sharing, for my Dear Readers naturally, I could post about everything I eat and that’d get me traffic if nothing else.

I started adding chia seeds to my cereal, it is high fibre, but not as much as I once ate, and I found that I felt better even with this weather playing havoc with my histamine intolerance, my sinuses seem to have a direct line to the weather, air pressure and who knows what else, but I hit a huge snag. There was no cereal anywhere and I was running out. Now the cereal I eat does contain sugar, but it isn’t sweet, sounds contradictory until you realise how much sugar is necessary to make something sweet tasting, so I took a look through the cereal section and found something I knew and had hated before. Puffed seeds, quinoa to be specific, I hadn’t much choice and they are quinoa, a staple of my diet. They were much cheaper than the cereal too. So armed with puff and chia I embarked on a journey through my first bag of puffed seeds and just seeds. Exciting.

That was about two months ago, the last of the cereal was eaten every other day and that ran out recently, I found I didn’t need as much, a fair dose of chia atop the quinoa and some milk, I found early on added sweetness wasn’t working, it took a day I think, really not a place you want sweetness. It’s almost absolutely tasteless, the big issue I had was you can’t chew it as there isn’t any body, you can’t swallow it straight either, not without a lot of trouble. Now I muddled along, mushing it is the only verb that fits, and found that the chia was better after a short spell of soaking, that gave it a little body, which was better. What it took time to discover was that soaking the whole thing for five or ten minutes softened the quinoa and thickened the chia and then it was a breeze to gulp down a bowl of quick bland mush. It’s boring, but porridge, due to the hot milk, no idea why, makes me queasy, takes so long to eat! This is fast food. It’s now taken the place of my cereal and I’m finding that I feel better, I have had issues on and off with corn and as it’s the main ingredient in most cereals I might have been eating to much, it was never a obvious thing and it may just be the extra fibre, but I feel good in my guts.

As to why I’m sharing, well, I’m in my ninth year of whatever this is and only realised this as a viable replacement for cereal. I like food that can be eaten quickly without thought, no, don’t think this would work as a smoothie! I have terrible experience with that concoction, and I want food that fuels, fills and heals. The great thing is that the puffs come in various brands and there is always another seed or grain if this vanishes, even the cereal would do in a pinch, but cutting down sugar is always in the back of my mind, even when it’s unnoticeable. I still use natural sweeteners whenever I want, don’t mistake me there, I’m no hero, but in something bland like the cereal where it had no effect on taste it seems pointless to keep eating it. So, that’s me, Dear Reader, I’m eating my seeds and feeling good. I have no idea who this may help, but you never know. Take care, Dear Reader, I’ll be back again later.


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