Lift With Your Knees, Ed-boys

As the day is snowy and slushy I thought I’d take a moment to talk weight-loss, Dear Reader, and if you’re a regular to these discussion you know when I talk weight-loss I’m giving you the hard view, the annoying well-informed anecdotes and focus more on sustaining healthy habits and weight. If you’re here for advice on losing weight in any gimmicky form or for shortcuts then trundle along, Jack is tired and there are so many conversation to be had. A quick one, today, Dear Reader, not very in-depth, just an interesting re-frame to an idea I’ve discussed often.

Since I’ve started the greater work of the garden the more labour intensive start, I’m still marvelling at the different the surgery and subsequent healing has made, still waiting for the next letter, but let’s not go there, I’m reminded of advise we all know: Life with your knees. Which in thinking on I realised I don’t actually understand it fully, so I went researching, I found the advise that the backside goes out while the knees stay put. The knees lower, but you don’t squat. Which really works well and saves the back. What, you’re thinking, Jack see all, Dear Reader, has this to do with weight-loss or healthy eating?Everything! Or nothing, depends on what you’re focusing on.

Think first of the advice we all know, much like lifting with the knees, eating well has it many examples, plenty of fibre, water, five fruit and vegetables day etc, but when it comes to the execution of those practices we falter because don’t have the full picture, much like lifting we hear, but don’t understand and again, like the knee advice, when it finally comes to a point we need it we can feel that we should know this and don’t start the important task of researching and learning. Partly it’s conceit, we’re all prone to varying degrees of vanity and asking for help or even admitting a lack of knowledge can be embarrassing. It isn’t helpful where many promoters of healthy eating are crafting an all-knowing, easy-to-do image, Jack isn’t bitter, I just know that’s not, nor has it ever been, never will either, my space. So, we, metaphorically, strain our backs instead of bowing our heads and admitting we know less than we thought. I’ve always said hat I know I know very little, but I can, and have, learned. I took a lack of confidence and turned it to a strength.

So, the first hurtle is admitting we don’t know, you pass that by simple truth, I don’t know, but I can learn, the second is putting the work in, in both researching the real answers, not the easy ones and then applying them, which can be extremely difficult as you will meet resistance in yourself and, worse still, others. I always say my journey was a solo one, that is probably part of the reason, I don’t ever advice doing everything secretly, but oversharing can be detrimental too.

From an unrelated piece of advice, which I will be endeavouring to follow, I’m extremely tall and have no intention of doing any further damage to my back, I’m free from back pain for the first time in twenty years and I’m not undoing that, Dear Reader, mark my words, we find an anecdote for sustained weight-loss and healthy eating, both sides of the same coin. It’s always simple sounding advice, isn’t it, Dear Reader? That in itself is telling of its worth. The humble acorn becomes a tree, I saw that in a cartoon, I’m very cultured. Until later, Dear Reader, I’m off to haul stupidly heavy pots in the best posture possible…to the wheelbarrow because I’m learning. Until later, take care.


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