Toothed Onion

Setting up feeders where they won’t spill seed all over my garden.

Early Irises I guess.

And Lilies according to my notes…

Apparently the Hungarian word for garlic means something like Toothed Onion, I’ve planted Fokhagyma garlic and can’t find much about it. All the better, Dear Reader, I like a mystery as you well know. I’ve grown garlic a few times, once or twice successfully and other times freak weather patterns have destroyed a harvest. I’ve never had this much experience and have never planted so much, so it should be interesting. Where you are will change how you plant so the following ideas, I can’t in good conscience call it a guide, are only for Ireland. Garlic isn’t fussy, but it takes about a year so you can imagine a lot can go wrong in that time. I’d already amended the the bed with worm castings, even the worms are still in there, I think they’re confused, it’s a much bigger bed, and now I turned the soil, then, I know, it takes some effort, I fed the whole bed with comfrey tea, used a broom handle to push a trench into the soil, I left enough space, like for onions close seems to do just fine and some people say it works better, I have limited space so who am I to argue, I also have a shed full of onions for the second year running so there must be something, as an aside I don’t really rotate crops, but I heavily amend the soil and keep it turned frequently, it’s worked so far. Two rows of evenly space garlic are covered over, then I took out a dead pot of basil, the roots rot away and the soil is just nice and dry, and topped that and marked the spot. Now I wait.

Roses are in their final bloom.

These are daffodils for sure.

A friend bought me the garlic for planting.

You can buy me bulbs too, just click here to buy me a “Coffee“.

The rest of the work has mostly been clean up. I’ve been removing spent plants, emptying pots, refilling pots, find more space than I have flower to fill. I have covered the beds, bed really, beds when I divide it next year again, that’ll keep the weeds down and let all the compost I added rot fully into the soil. It was really easy to dig again this year, the spade just needed a gentle nudge to go into the soil, I’ll dig it a few times before planting again. I have so many little jobs to do, things that have to wait until it’s the right time, like pruning the roses, which then create other little jobs, when there isn’t anything to be done I’ll make work. Winter gardening is rather dull and uneventful, but it gives you time to really prepare for the coming year. It’s also the time to research, Dear Reader, to research what? Why anything that pops up. I’m looking into attracting ladybirds, I could buy them, but they’re really expensive and might just fly away. So instead I’ll look at those bug houses, that might not work, I do have one, maybe it’s in the wrong spot, and also look into flowers that attract them. Like I say, Dear Reader, you find work to do. Until later, take care.

I’ve wanted to plant a lot at once for a while now.

Beds are ready for Winter.

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  1. This is a post I need to read to my husband. We just bought film to protect our only fig tree from cold temperatures (It is supposed to freeze tomorrow night over here) and also some old parsley that decided to resurrect when the new seeds we kept planting this year never did anything!!! We gardeners don’t have that much control, the garden always has the last say in the end. I am keeping an eye on the roses with your advice in mind, and I weeded the flower bed for the last time yesterday while my husband did some woodwork. Winter is not even here but he already dreads it; I suggested he started knitting like me but he didn’t think it appropriate! Oh well.

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    • I hope your garden isn’t hit too hard by the freeze. I’m currently watching a hydrangea starting to bud again after shedding all its leaves so I’m not sure what to expect these days. I’m somehow still making work for myself, little jobs, but enough to add up, that and reading are keeping me going so far, but the worse of the Winter has yet to arrive. Hopefully we’ll muddle through somehow! Take care.

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