Fireproof Plants

Whether it’s the heatwave or just natural it sure is stunning.

A rescue rose of course.

I imagine this is somewhat rare.

The bags are getting filled up.

I have been post a lot, Dear Reader, I blame the heatwave, there’s no air-conditioning in our house and my window is sealed shut. I need something to distract from this heat, still the plants love it and at nearly forty degrees the greenhouse plants have burst into profuse foliage, one basil plant that was scraggly has become a sphere of new growth. I might have a new recipe soon, if it works that is, it’s a mingling of other recipes, but at this point unless I get new ingredients it’s going to be the only way to create new recipes. At least I’ll be eating really well for the next few months. As you can see the berry harvest is going well, the strawberries are coming into the second flowering stage so they’ll take a while to start fruiting again. I think I’ll leave my jam making until the Autumn, I want it when there’s little else to do. I hope to make use of the berries in savoury applications, both new and old, as the Summer rolls on. I’ll type this up over a few days to give you all a rest.

For the savoury savouring fruit fanatics: Strawberry Basil Sauce, Basic Redcurrant Sauce, Raspberry Sauce, Strawberry Korma.

Some roses take a little longer, there are still some left to open.

Dragonflame Spirea…no, really.

I found another rose…


I think the strawberries are almost finished with their first flowering. The yellow seem to be picking up now and I, hopefully, will have to gently pluck the tiny, delicate, deliciously sweet berries. It’s now the hottest it’s been since 1971, Dear Reader, hotter than I’ve ever experienced. At least I can feed the plants and get plenty of new growth. I added the compost that was ready to the bed with the squash and put some under the sheets that serve as paths, it was chocked full of earthworms so I want them alive and in the soil and keeping them in this heat in a bag wasn’t going to be smart. You learn a lot and you certainly learn the benefits of keeping useful lifeforms alive and well. Though my compost tea is full of deceased worms, I’ve been calling it worm soul juice.

Heya pal, long time no see.

This is an older rose.

I found the golden raspberry plant. They’re very sweet with no tartness.

Well, that’s a vine type…grow!

It’s so hot, Dear Reader, the night air isn’t even cool so going out doesn’t offer any reprieve. I did have to venture out to examine my water lotus with a light. It’s, well, it’s growing, but as I’ve never done this before and most Google results are just general copy and pastes I have to guess. The crown, where the original seeds top is, has put out a thick shoot that seems to be rooting into the soil and has a leaf growing halfway along the thick stem. I’ thinking the stones might have been a mistake, but then the exposed clay might have kept stirring up so, I guess, always guessing, I just hope for the best that the plant knows what it’s doing. If it’s anchored already it must be okay, the gaps in the stones are large. I’ve cobbled a slow release feeding tube. It’s a porous clay dripper, a tube from a self-watering planter, that never worked and a cap, all filled with a light comfrey tea. The tea went in and the water level remains the same. So, I suppose that a slow release feed might work in time.

I can’t remember what’s what any more.

Underwater photos are difficult, okay. Just squint.

Shape variations are fun.

Harder to peel though.

3 thoughts on “Fireproof Plants

  1. Aren’t you lucky… living in the new Riviera!
    Our strawberries are done producing for the year. Like you I have a bag in the freezer and this morning I started using some in my morning banana “pancakes” (for lack of a better word, as there is no flour and no eggs in them). As for raspberries, there were three as of yesterday, not much of a crop!
    My roses were in sad shape last year, they had something like rust covered leaves. They seem to be doing better this year, but the heat — and beginning drought — keep on much longer, everything and everyone is going to suffer. I give you and my husband a lot of credit for trying to keep the garden alive!
    Stay cool. I heard that running a fan covered with a wet towel helps. Never tried.

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    • You should see my tan, somewhere under the multiple coating of strong sunblock. The sun isn’t kind to my skin, sadly there’ll be no tanned Jack any year. My strawberries are making a liar out of me, I said they’d finished their first flowering only to go out and harvest another bowl. They’ve been hulled and frozen and come the cooler weather will be very much appreciated. It’s an effort, but there’s not one drooping plant this year. Slow and long watering seems best, no need to rush as the sun isn’t going anywhere yet.

      I may give it a whirl, heh. Take care.

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      • It’s great that you get multiple harvests from strawberry plants. You’ll enjoy them well into the winter.
        Take care and watch out for mean sunburns, dear neighbor.

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