Mango and Basil Dip

Original here.

Couple of points before I begin, Dear Reader. The recipe is vegan even if my  use for it isn’t, the original looks nothing like mine, mine is bright green!, no idea why, I’ll report back on the frozen version, I topped it with more EVOO to stop the basil turning black. Once you cut out acid and nightshades dressings and sauces start to become scarce, Dear Reader, but here I am in the year of 2018 with a sauce featuring fresh basil. Every year I wonder if I’ll find anything new to do with my limited list of edibles and I somehow muddle through. This is made with a mixture of genovese and Thai basil, you can use anything you’d like naturally.

I had too much so I’m freezing half as a test.

My mango had started to go bad, but I had enough, this was already cut down a lot and when I cut it down further I still had to much for one serving. Not a bad complaint, I’ll update this with the frozen option when I get around to it, could be a while, though I see no reason as to why it shouldn’t be fine, I’ve frozen all he ingredients in different ways before and they came out just fine. I like t be absolutely certain of things before I tell you about them, Dear Reader, I might not be much, but I’m responsible.

I used the Jerk Rub with a little honey.

Not a great deal goes into this and because it’s unheated you lose none of the freshness, there’s a beautiful balance of fruitiness and sweetness from the mango and a spicy fresh kick from the basil and raw garlic combination. I honestly don’t know how you’d use it, over a salad freshly picked from the garden perhaps?, as for me letting it cut through the flavour of warmly spiced chicken strips and soaking into fresh rice seemed just right. With my hay fever, I think that’s what this is, wonder where I’m getting the pollen from? A mystery for the ages, Dear Reader, fresh and fruity is best, besides this heatwave isn’t doing wonders for my appetite, I still have to eat, but I’m feeling pretty indifferent towards food. This was nice and bright for a warm Summer’s day.  See you sooner than you think, Dear Reader.


1/2 Ripe Mango, Peeled and Cubed
17g Fresh Basil Leaves
4 Cloves Garlic, Peeled
30ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to Taste

Makes Two Servings. Can be frozen, just top with Olive Oil.


1. Add everything to a blender, layering the basil and mango in alternating layers, finally topping with the oil, then pulse until everything is smooth, no need to add extra water. Use right away or cover and leave in the fridge for a few days.

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