The Tale of Five Carp

I have taken too many photos, Dear Reader, so I’ll just lump them together. It is amusing to think that not that long ago I would be unable to access my blog on my dial-up connection, one photo would’ve taken minutes to load. If you do have a slower connection, well, whoops.  Whether the weather has changed and the promised heatwave has arrived I have no idea, but today was indeed hot. The plants are getting their dose of the sunshine, very much needed and I have amassed a set of rambling anecdotes that really go nowhere, but the photos are pretty at least. So, I had a Japanese windsock, I have no idea why but I like them, usually I hate anything like this in the garden, anyway, it blew away, where I have no idea. I like to imagine it’s still going, it’s probably in a field. So I bought a new one, they’re hard to get online strangely, just one small one, but then I found a seller selling multiple colours and, well, you see Jack is bad with numbers and measurements, so instead of double checking, centimetres are small, I ended up with three large windsocks and the mother of all windsocks. They’ve been hung and are flopping around in the wind.

I think the undiluted comfrey tea might have given the rambling rose the kick it needed after being rescued from the weeds. It’s blooming lovely if you’ll excuse the pun. It is interesting that some roses flower much later than others, I have roses in their second bloom, the tea roses seem to bloom on and on, older roses seem to bloom and then grow again and then re-bloom, there are a few, one newer, that are just now starting to bloom. Flowers are diverse and really full of wonder. You know, Dear Reader, that I never misrepresent anything here, I never alter photos and I’m not sure if I’ve ever posted the “pond” in full, I’m sure it’s not as grand as you might think it should be, but as I’ve started from a seed I’m pretty proud of it. I take a lot of chances, learn when they fail, but often I get away with it. I was told to dig and dry the dahlias, but as I’ve seen they being left over Winter in established gardens I did too and though I’ve often thought them dead they’re back. In planning for the three seasons of flowers I’ve managed to have new flowers popping up frequently.

I managed to save some tulip seeds, which probably have very low chance of actually growing into flowers, but as the pods stayed I have to at least try. I keep looking at all the odds and ends  tossed over the garden it isn’t a show garden that’s for sure, if you see weeds that aren’t pulled I’ll get to them, if you see them on the ground they’re drying before I toss them, if you see a cup it’s there for a reason, not not for tea!, if you see insects then welcome to the garden. I have been lucky with pests this year as they haven’t done much to the strawberries, which I’m harvesting daily along with the first batch of raspberries freshly picked today. I’ll freeze as I harvest and use them later in the year. Raspberries are fiddly and seedy, but they make amazing jelly so I won’t complain. Too much.

Everyone wants me to eat the tops of my shallots, I think they’e mistaking them for scallions, leave them be, I’ll let the bulbs form and then dry them. As they dry the flavours will intensify and the shed will reek of onions for months. The onions will come later, they’re looking good so far at least. I ad a much later start this year so it feels strange that I’m not harvesting some things already. All things in due course, Dear Reader. I’ll be back again. Take care.


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