Counting The Days Until The Rest Of My Life

Different eggs seems to yield different Peanut Butter Cookies.

Jack can wax poetic occasionally, can’t he? I’m back, dear reader, to once again divest the breast of it’s burden, to let loose the bundle of troubles…okay, I’ll stop. I’m just killing time. Too honest? Okay, I missed you, dear fat-head. My next appointment to discuss surgeries seems to keep moving further away, but at-least the absolute uncertainty isn’t present this time around. I’m still not sure what’ll happen next, but the odds are favourable. To think, dear reader, the journey will one day reach it’s end. I was thinking today of Naru, I know, Jack is a sentimental soft-headed fool, always and ever, she came into my life at it’s worst, and stayed until almost the end of this dark saga. Now, I’m thinking of this as a given, the surgeries will come, I will heal and I will be more whole than I have been in a long time. As for Naru, well, I keep dreaming of her popping up and ambling happily away so I can only assume her soul is wandering the universe happily. She always looks happy in the dreams. Sure, many would scoff at the idea of the cosmic Labrador, but here’s the thing: Jack values the flowers that grow in Naru’s garden far above them. Self-assumed superiority is a comfortable fiction, but a fiction none the less. Is the universal biddy-boy fact then? That or Jack just misses his friend and companion. Who really knows, dear reader?

Ah, slow cooked stewing beef in a pumpkin curry with wholegrain basmati rice.

I thrill at my own pretension. My slow cooking is just vacuum packed meat in a self setting slow-cooker/rice-cooker, but tender meat is tender nonetheless. I felt like playing with my food a little. Just frying the beef makes it tough, even stewing won’t cook it to fork tenderness. Even with a limited set of ingredients it’s still possible to create seemingly endless options for meals. I really hope all my hyperlinking hasn’t been over looked. You are clicking the blue links, right? Tell me you are, dear reader! I’ll assume so or descend into madness.

Ah! Turkey Breast Joint in a raspberry sauce!

Covingtons instead of beauregard! How superior. With just a dash of cinnamon. Organic carrots and green apple too.

Hah! Sichuan flower pepper in almond amaranth.

See? I can name ingredients too! Makes it sound vastly more elaborate and inaccessible to the home cook, doesn’t it? Let’s pull back the curtain and see the truth! What? It doesn’t look that fancy? You shut up! I am a chef! I’d toss my poofy hat at you, but I don’t have one. Okay, teasing aside. It’s fun to play with food, isn’t it? I saw people eating beef cooked in a tray with a sauce and I thought I’d try it with chicken and gravy, which ended up delicious and absurdly tender, almost too much. So, when the turkey breast joint popped up, not very expensive when you consider I cut it into three large portions, I thought about trying it n a sauce, I still have a few raspberry sauces, seriously, hyperlinks!, and it turned out beautifully, the turkey never dried up and stayed moist and tender, still firm enough to slice, it is firmer than chicken after all, it even took on some of the flavour of the sauce, which I boiled off and poured over. Until I make raspberry jelly again that’s it for that sauce.

I think the covington sweet potato is better than the more common beauregard, probably due to them having a later harvest so they may be fresher than the more common beauregard. See? All the gardening pays off. Did I mention that I still have a little harlequin squash mash in trays? I was surprised to see it. Oh! I think I mentioned that I blanched some beetroot for freezing, it’s been a week or more and still no discolouration. Steaming for a few minutes and a ice-water bath seems to do the trick. I’ll keep you updated. The apple was just curiosity, we dn’t really do anything like that with vegetables in Ireland traditionally so I like to try when I can. They’re okay roasted, they’d be better as a sweet element in mixed root vegetables though. The carrots are from someone’s garden and they’re delicious, much more tender than the store bought ones. I really need to up my carrot game next year.

That’s it for today, dear reader. A few recipes for you to gaze at. I was going to make some apple pies with my pastry recipe, but I was side tracked and just don’t feel like the hassle. Food is fuel, desserts can wait. Oh! I’m scattered brained as ever, there’s a very special dear reader, yes, yes, you’re all special, who made a buckwheat pastry recipe with Jack in mind. You can find all the details here, a big thank you to Joëlle. Who I hope won’t mind my linking to her wonderful recipe. Until later, dear reader.

The ever useful Buckwheat and Flax Bread with sugarless peanut butter.

Last of the Table King Squash Pasta Sauce.

2 thoughts on “Counting The Days Until The Rest Of My Life

  1. After reading yours there are several things I would like to share. You know, I am a talkative neighbor.
    First, I want to thank you again for the link to my post.
    Second, I can relate to what you wrote about Naru. I too, and my husband, still dream about our good old Sam. It is good that in our dreams our pets appear as they were in their prime. Sam was only a shadow of himself during the last months of his life and I don’t like to remember him this way.
    Finally, I have noticed that you like to have fruit and chutneys with your meat. Have you ever had cranberries? Can you find them in Ireland? You could use them as you do raspberries, or even come up with creative recipes. I have “stocked up” (bought three packages of 200g each) for future use. Raw cranberries freeze extremely well, I wish I could put this is bold letters but WordPress won’t let me. Anyway, last week I decided we should celebrate Thanksgiving. In the U.S. cranberry sauce or chutney is often served with turkey on that occasion, but instead I made dairy-free cheesecake (found an incredible recipe using soaked cashews) with a cranberry mango topping. The next time I have people over, I will be sure to make it again, taking pictures (my notes are already in my notebook!) so I can share the recipe.
    Getting cold over here. Nothing to do in the garden. My husband is retiring and was dreading winter, so I commissioned a couple of home enhancement projects to keep him busy! If ever you feel bored, why don’t you come over and give him a hand, dear neighbor! I will provide the meals, as well as a critical eye on the work done 😄!

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    • That’s the one thing about Naru, she slowed but never stopped. She was happy until the end. I’m glad she had that kind of life until the last, lord knows she deserved that and more. I use cranberry sauce often, the stuff in a jar as opposed to the American canned sauce. You know I’ve been keeping an eye out for cranberries but to no avail. Same with red currants, the make a wonderfully sweet jelly, the preserve rather than the dessert that is, when mixed with raspberries. I hope my currant bushes thrive next year and I should be all set. I’m always freezing fruit. It’s so handy as I’m the only one eating fruit. I even have juice from summer berries in the freezer for future jam/jelly making. I really enjoy the squash when steamed, mashed, frozen and baked at a later time, much better than microwaving and as you see much more convenient in trays. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Jack brandishing a drill, a hammer in pocket and screws in mouth! Take care. 😄

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