Get In The Bag Jerk!

Are titles like those the reason I don’t get guest-post invitations? Don’t answer that.

Ah, dear Jerk. Sorry. It is yet again me, dearest reader, who else would it be? I’m back with a variation to a simple recipe. You may know my Jerk Chicken Rub, far from traditional, I assume so at least, I’d never eaten jerked anything before I tried these recipes, but one that cover many diets. Now, we have an oil free option. I’m not in need of oil free recipes, but I know what it’s like to be on a restricted diet that not many follow. Any help is appreciated, right? I repeat it often, but it holds true, that we should dare to try new foods, new methods of cooking and baking because it won’t just enrich our lives and improve our skills it may very well help others. Grandstanding aside, this may be a small blog, but there are a lot of options here, sure you have to dig a little, but nothing worthwhile in life comes easy, dear reader.

So, we’ve used these bags to cook chickens, I’ve watched others use those commercial seasoning bags too, but never though to try it myself. I opted for a quick dinner and dumped the vegetables in the bag as well. I did slightly over cook them, it is hard to tell when everything is ready when you can’t open the bag, but I’ll learn in time. The bag is a nice way to prepare meat or vegetables in a different way from the usual oven roasted. The jerk seasoning was in every bite. There are so many ways to prepare food, so many possibilities in each, it’s a shame when we limit ourselves because we assume because we’re limited in one way and that means we’re limited in every way. In time I’ll learn to time it better and I’ll probably try a few different things in bags. It’s a bit of fun and a way to distract from my long recovery. I’ll see you again, dear reader.

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