Snail Went To Live On a Farm

Brussels Sprouts are being protected by lavender. Perhaps.

Dear reader, you wound me, do you doubt that dear gentle Jack, he who would wrap the lantern in gauze so that the moth would not come to harm, had I either of those things, would wilfully harm a snail? I see you eating my plants I’d brain you with a brick too, dear reader. I just noticed it after taking the photo, constant wet weather is not conducive to growing, but the pests thrive in it. After I placed the lavender plant near them the Brussels Sprouts haven’t been touched by caterpillars. Strange, but true.

These are peace I think. Irony, what’s that?

The purple chips I couldn’t eat. Next year purple sweet potatoes if possible.

In the last two years when the basil and chillies, this year tomatoes and bell peppers too, grew in the same space each has thrived. I really don’t know if companion planting is effective, but this is interesting to note. Perhaps there are gasses being released that each uses. They’ll always grow together and if it means a greater yield of both them I’m more than happy. I’ve hear nasturtiums help squash, but I’m not sure if it’s to divert pests and considering I have a whole section of garden overrun by them, on purpose, you won’t catch me making that mistake, I’ve seen others do it, I can only imagine them being a nuisance in between squash.

There sure how been a lot of posts these days. Not tired of them are you, dear reader?

*Picks up brick* No? Good good.

It’s not quite on the level of a recipe, but I roasted long sections of squash, chips in a way, and sweet potato with some fresh rosemary and they were delicious. The rosemary really survived the roasting. I’m going to try to save my squashes for some cottage pies, I think even a mix of both would be delicious. Naturally I’ll have to make another batch of pesto soon. Not that I’m complaining, at the rate I’ve been harvesting basil it may last me until next years harvest.

I think it was a mixed bag I bought.

This was almost grey and I thought it was dead.

I’ve mentioned before, check your notes, what do you mean what notes?! Ahem. I’ve said that I have older variety strawberries, there are big baby-fist sized ones growing currently and I’m saving them for conserve, I know it calls for small ones, but imagine huge strawberries in syrup. All softened, they’re really firm fresh, and sweetened, they’re tart. I still have a pound or two of the others in the freezer, collecting yellow ones still fr a 50:50 jam. It’s been a good year, the work has paid off.

They fell over. Nearly killed me righting them.

A flower starting. Beetroot and scallions too.

Nothing else to report. Today is the third of August. When this will post is anyone’s guess. See you then, dear reader, take care. I’ll leave you with my bellboys. Let’s hope they grow.

Can’t eat these either, but they’re fun to grow.

Next year I use teepees for support.

You learn more each year, mostly you learn how little you know.


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