Plants To Pierce The Heavens

All the beautiful flowers look almost fake.

Last of the pea onward from the main planting.

I’ve scheduled a lot of posts recently. I have no idea in what order either, I was trying to vary them and I may have some where the dates don’t make sense. It’s the first of August, after that you’re on your own. I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that these dwarf plants I’m being sold are just regular sized plants. My green-house is now half tomatoes. I walk in and I’m engulfed by tomatoes. I’m nightshade intolerant, why am I growing so many tomatoes? Oh, yeah, bitterness. I suppose the flip-side of this is that I’m growing so many tomatoes! See the exclamation mark? I’m so joyous over the crop of inedible, to me, fruit. Okay, teasing aside, I’m glad the green-house is working out. I think the tomatoes and chillies are helping the basil too. I have a small bell pepper growing to, the plant is now twice as tall as it was supposed to be. I also have seven feet artichokes. No flowers yet, maybe next year. Then they’ll be eighty feet high and blocking out the sun.

They’re real, really…real.

I think I’ll be lucky enough with squash again this year, they seem to have been pollinated when the weather was fine, the second fruits aren’t likely to be as large as the first, but considering the size of the first crop that won’t be so bad. I still swear by the coffee cup lids, they even stop the discolouration in some cases, it’s cosmetic, but a perfectly unblemished squash is a beauty to behold. I also think tat I’ll see a few carrots, they weren’t planted very well, the first batch was and a heatwave decimated them, but they prove that transplanting works when small and that a little roughness doesn’t hurt them. I harvest a few carrots and there’s hope for the future. I mean my future, your future is still bleak. I’m kidding….stop crying.

I have yet to try a table king. Tomorrow I will see what they’re like.

By the time you read this I’ll probably have eaten a few of them.

I have a few later season crops. I just saw my first runner bean flower. There aren’t many plants and some were pretty roughly planted, but I’d like to see a few. The sugar-snaps are still going, the main batch of pea onward is done and I’m done with this variety. It just isn’t worth growing. It’ll be enjoyable choosing a new kind next year, Maybe another purple podded variety. Easier to find them that way. My sweet potatoes are spreading out their vines at a healthy rate, they’re more on the side of novelty, but I’d regret not giving them a try. There are still a lot of flowers yet to bloom, I’e tried to plant it so I’d have colour for most of the year, it seems to be working okay so far.

These peas had germinated in the pod.

Peas cover weeds and when they dry I’ll compost them.

I know I told you about my purple potatoes, I just can’t remember how much. I was gifted two small seeding potatoes. I split them, planted them and learned a lot in growing all these potatoes this year. One thing I’ve gleamed via observation, tearing the roots apart teaches you a lot is to fill the container with potting compost and fertiliser to 1/3 full, press the potatoes a few inches down. The roots will spread around the bottom, but no potatoes will form that low. I wondered why I was told to  do this. Now I know. Next year I’ll add all the feed that low and see what the yield will be like. It’s all a learning experience, dear reader, I’m enjoy it and I hope, sincerely, you’l enjoy reading about it.

Three kilograms of potatoes.

They look painted. Almost too waxy to be real. I keep saying it, but it’s true.

They’re purple through.


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