Sauteed Harlequin Squash

The knife is for chopping and deterring. It’s mine I tells ya! ALL MINE!

You know, dear reader, I like to be thorough. I like to take my time when posting recipes. Take this for example, I wasn’t sure if it was worth posting as a standalone. That was last year, a year later and I feel sure it is worthwhile. You think I’m joking, right? Hah…nope. Jack is ever constant and patient. You see with a recipe like this here is no wiggle room substitute any other vegetable and you’ll lose what makes this so worthy of note. Am I suggesting that you grow your own harlequin squash? Well, yeah. It’s really that amazing. I’ve been growing them for three years now and I’m still marvelling at the texture and taste of these little wonders. Why just today I ate an entire squash, don’t do that, they’re really filling, but it was worth it. I am filled with contentment. Don’t poke me or the contentment might leak out.

I really shouldn’t have eaten an entire squash…but it was so good.

So, what makes this different from your garden variety, you know what I mean!, squash? Texture, texture and that other important thing: Versatility! I have run the gauntlet of harlequin squash and have never found myself disappointed in its savoury applications. Sweet isn’t where it excels. Today I’l just talk on these little golden hued nuggets of absolute satisfaction. They encapsulate all that I love about this squash, its drier texture when fried compared to that of say butternut, the crispy, crumbed exterior, all credit to the squash, no need for flours or dredging, the creamy, fluffy interior that just melts in your mouth. The taste that I find comparison to impossible. When I lost potatoes I lost a staple of my diet that I have never been able to replace, with harlequin that is no longer true. Mashed as a topping, roasted, in pasta, or Stuffing. There are ways I have yet to try. I’ll enjoy each and every one of these. I hope the Table King is worth it too. As this is a scheduled post things might seem out of tempo. At least harlequin squash is timeless. I’ll see you again soon, dear reader.


300g Harlequin Squash, Chopped into Chunks
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 Tbsp Butter


1. Heat the Olive Oil and Butter in a non-stick pan and turn the heat to a medium high and stir in the Harlequin Squash. Cook for 15-20 minutes, stirring to prevent burning. Should be golden brown, soft and slightly crispy when cooked.


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