Savoury Strawberry and Basil Sauce

Adapted and cut down from: Running To The Kitchen

There’s a reason I so rarely pair berries with eat, it’s because it’s disgu…oh, way, no, it’s the vinegar that seems to be prevalent in so many of the recipes that use berries in a savoury application. I can’t tolerate vinegar, as to why, ours is not to question why, dear reader, ours is to find recipes that we can use or tweak into usefulness. Now, first things first. I tweaked this by cutting it down, but also by adding double the basil and removing the mint, I’m just not partial to mint, I think I like it in hard-boiled sweets and that’s about it, I also topped it with Thai and Dark Opal, which of course you can’t skip, no, no changing recipes ever! I had it to hand, use what you have, I’ll be making this with yellow strawberries eventually. I’m just listing the sauce, you can use it on chicken, or whatever, just dribble it on everything. Or, don’t, people might get angry as you spread the sauce with a flourish if the wrist across their balding pate. I wasn’t sure how strawberries would pair with meat, so I opted for the all-in approach and even went with the classic paring of peanut butter (Amaranth) and strawberries. I’m as eating more of my yellow beetroot. This is really a from the garden type of dinner.

Now, how did it fare? Well, it was really delicious, the hit of the aniseed from the Thai basil was perfect to accompany the slight sweetness of the strawberries, which lost none of their fresh taste in being cooked down. It’s very mild and just adds a pleasantly fresh undercurrent to a dish. I thought it’d be like jam on top of meat, but it just had a subtle taste that I really enjoyed. If you like cranberry sauce then this is right up your alley, there’s no need for sugar in this as the strawberries are sweet enough in themselves and as there’s not much sweetness outside of them you avoid a cloying sweetness that would spoil a savoury dish. It’s simple, but a wonderful way to use strawberries. Okay, I’l be back later , dear reader, smelling faintly of onion. Mysterious, huh? Until then, take care.


50g Strawberries, Either Fresh or Frozen
1/2 Tbsp Chopped Fresh Basil
1/2 Tbsp Orange Juice
Olive Oil to Fry
Fresh Thai and Dark Opal Basil to Serve


1. Heat Olive Oil in a pot or pan and when hot add Strawberries, Basil and Orange Juice. Simmer over a medium heat until strawberries have released their juices and the Sauce has thickened. Pour over meat or vegetables and top with Thai and Dark Opal Basil.


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