Parable of the Squash

Either the yellow strawberry seeds germinated or this is a cruel jest.

In the effort of gathering yellow strawberries for jam I also stuck a few in a pot in the hopes hey’d germinate. They do seem to have, don’t they? It’s the only way to propagate yellow strawberries without splitting the crown. It’ll be a long wait, dear reader, but Jack is ever patient.
An immature table king squash. How can I tell? Hah There’s  stick in the pot.

The word aren’t readily flowing today it seems, less a case of writer’s block than burnout. I have been posting quite a bit, but I’m sure I’ll be forgiven. The garden is moving into the next stage. The vegetable beds are almost entirely bare. Now we look after the berries. The squash, chillies and tomatoes. Well, they’re all fruit at least. Plenty of feed, even watering and starting. At what? To see if they’re dying, I have lost a fair few squash in my time, dear reader, it still smote just as hard at the hundredth as the first. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but have you seen how much immature fruit they produce? It’s baffling they don’t run out long before it sets.
Wild blackberries starting.
Ah, harlequin squash! No need to check, I know these by sight.
Almost certainly Blessing.
A late blooming rose of unknown type.
A harlequin. My old tried and true friend.

With the surgery looming again, has it ever really stopped?, I’m again wondering what a life without having to deal with diastasis recti and excess skin will be like. There is hope, covered deep by anxiety, within the heart too often kicked when it dared to dream. I tell you, dear reader, there are stories to be told of this struggle, but they’ll have to be written when the better days have been reached, not now, it’s too dark for that, we’ll wait until the light breaks through.
Getting to be a misery, aren’t I? Here, give peas (Onward and bon) a chance.
Freshly roasted beetroot and cauliflower was delicious.

What stayed on the vine are all good sized squash.

I wonder if the little tendrils are a throw back to a vine type.

The gardener’s Delight looks like little jewels.

The earliest started. Often the biggest. No competition, I suppose.

Oh, I do have something to share. It’s funny how I never thought to buy it before. I bought a pair of thermoses, wide necked ones that you can use to store hot food as well as liquids. As you may know, or not if you want to wound me, that if I have to travel, even for the day, I have to pack a lunch. Though there’s nothing wrong with cold lunches, I usually opt for cold pasta dishes, it would be great to be able to tip some curry into the large container and some rice into the smaller. I don’t have plans to travel far and wide, I have a garden here that’s all I need, but it is nice to have options. I’ll have to try them out at some point to see how long they’ll retain heat, at least if they fall I can just reheat it while I’m at home.

Go on, guess.

I have more plants this year so more peas.

They’re still blooming, I hope to see at least two harvests from each plant.

It’s marked as a harlequin, but doesn’t look like either squash type. It’s an interesting one. A hybrid from a mistake cross-pollination from the seed seller?

An older red rose has appeared at last.

The rescued yellow has become two-toned.

I’m learning to play with the cameras settings and to be able to take photos in bright sunlight. I learn better with practice, reading how to do it won’t be as useful as getting out there and taking photos with different settings for me. Okay, that’s it for now, I’ll see you soon, dear reader.


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