Until We Cabbage Again

Well, that’s the end of cabbage based titles for another year.
I don’t think I lost one, so that made twenty harvested.

As we say here in the land of Jack, hmmm? Okay, Ireland, there’s comfort in cabbage. It was covered early, but other than a few slug pellets placed far away there was no minding at all. Twenty heads, stripped to their heart, a few gifted, the rest blanched and frozen. I admit that maybe it was best the surgery was delayed, but it still rankles. Jack was needed in the garden still is, but the rest will take a while longer. I have scattered compost in the beds, the broccoli was a wash-out, but it’ll feed next year’s crops, the cauliflowers are getting near an end too. Today’s became a pasta sauce, along with broccoli and carrots, both frozen store bought. Another became part of a cottage pie topping. The last was just blanched.

Eenie, Meenie and Jonathan.
My herbs drying look eerie in the dim light.
I have so many bulbs to replant. Where am I going to put that amaryllis!?

This year I have to many ways to use all that I’ve been growing. I’m even working on a recipe that takes three days to make. It’ll be up soon don’t worry. I haven’t really struggled with any ingredient this year, last year was a different story. It really goes to show that my dietary plan is an ongoing, ever changing thing. Stagnancy isn’t part of it.. I’m now planning what I’ll plant next year, both new and old crops. Having fun and enjoying the outdoors is at the core of all this. I’ve held to tat this year and I’ll continue t do so.

I was able to pick up the pots and empty them into a wheel barrow.

No way I could do that for a while after they fix my abs.

Eighteen pounds of potatoes. They’re new potatoes, I can’t eat them and they’re not overly popular in this house. Still, friends take a few here and here and everyone is happy. I like watching them grow. I don’t know how common Pound Shops, Dime Stores in America, I think, are the world over, but that’s where I bought these as seed potatoes and even bought organic fertiliser in the same shop. They’d be called Euro stores now I guess, but when I was young, to some dear readers I still am, others I’m a wrinkly oddity in he blogging sphere, we had the pound as our currency and the trip to the pound shop was a rare occurrence. Everything was a pound. That still seems amazing to me, dear reader. A few Euro’s spent on them and we have disease free, unsprayed potatoes. They’re Desiree for the curious.

Speaking of garlic. What?! Okay, fine.

My shed smells so delicious.

I was thinking of titling this post: Six Months To Garlic. Yes, dear Jack, has grown his purple garlic in six months, after the painful lost of the main crop he hadn’t much hope for two store bought garlic cloves, but here we are. Two perfectly large and lovely bulbs of garlic. Some of which I will be saving for replanting. My own seed garlic, wouldn’t that be amazing? Another crop from my own saved cloves. These grew really well in two two litre pots. Garlic really can be grown in shallow pots. I kept it on the barrel behind the greenhouse, the coolest side and it survived the heatwave that thrashed the exposed garlic. I’ll fill pots and return to that spot for next years crop. Try everything, dear reader, you never know what’ll work.

Now, to finish, so many tomato photos! I have been mistaken in that I actually have two gardener’s delights and one roma. One of the GD is so small I thought the others must both be roma. Determinate size my…er…dear reader! It makes sense that there are round tomatoes starting too at least. In five months I never thought to check the stick I stuck in the pot. Ah, well, it’s a happy mistake at least. I’ll see you soon, dear reader.

Removing the suckers is a must.Zoom in close and it looks huge.
Roma have an unusual shape.
Well fed, right pot, well watered. This year I hope for ripe tomatoes.
A Bell Pepper flower has appeared!
I shake them daily. It seems to be working.


4 thoughts on “Until We Cabbage Again

  1. Another good read. I must admit my thought on reading your title was, I think uber may replace cab’age. Just as hashtags are replacing the space age. Or not. Just a seed thought for what it’s worth. The pound shops in America are Weight Watchers centers and the like. Best wishes for the harvest and replanting!

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