Jack Cauliflowerhead

There’s another in the garden, but I’ve re-covered it and will let it get bigger.

(All photos are from 2nd of July)

The weather is not being cooperative, dear reader. I’d rather not spend another year battling powdery mildew on my squash. Last year wasn’t so bad, but my first year…well, we don’t think too much about my first year gardening. As you can see my cauliflowers are doing well, the heads are firm, the curds white and they’re being picked and blanched, then into the freezer. I do have one reserved for a special recipe, I’l be back to you on that, it’s something I’ve meant to try and I can’t think of a better use for my fresh cauliflower.

Another golden acre, no slugs at all this time.

I really thought that this year would set the standard of how I’d plant my garden, but as time progress and I look where the crops used to be my mind races with possibilities. I like that, dear reader, the seemingly endless possibility of what could be grown. I have already started taking a few notes. I’m thinking of a pumpkin patch for next year.  Crown Prince looks interesting. Id probably have to decide on another companion for my harlequin squash unless the table king turns out to be a wonder like the harlequin. They’re still a long way from ripe, but I do see a lot of squash that have set fruit. It’s exciting, familiar, but still a thrill to think of what’s to come.

The flowers are still blooming.
It’s going to be a lonely Winter.

This might be the month I finally see my surgery, to say I’ve been thinking about it a lot is an understatement. That’s partly the reason there have been so many posts on the blog, it’s a helpful distraction. On a happier note the garden has been putting out lots of fresh produce and I felt like sharing. My goal to make strawberry conserves now only needs a few jars as I’ve collected a pound of half ripe strawberries. I also have at least that in ripe strawberries. The yellow strawberries are getting close to a pound too, all for jam, dear reader, it’s all for jam. I think an occasionally pot of jam won’t e a bad thing when I’m recovery from my surgery. Dinners have to be remade, as well as breads and so much more, so I’ll be updating a few recipes with new photos to replace the ones lost. It’s more work than I imagined if I’m honest.

Yet another cabbage.
This is the obligatory huge strawberry. XL sized hands to give you an idea.

What’s funny is that this time last year I don’t think I’d know what a strawberry runner was, never mind being able to propagate strawberry plants for over-wintering. I cut the first of these off the mother-plant today. Pinned with a hair clip in a cheap pot. Whatever works, right? I think I have yellow strawberry seeds starting, it’s hard for it to be anything else, but I’ll watch them carefully. I have redcurrant and blackcurrant cutting planted too. I don’t know what I’ll do with them all, but it never hurts to have a few spare plants around.

The weather is making the basil struggle. All my pesto is a mix of sweet, Thai and cinnamon. Delicious though.
The roma are doing well.

The competition I received the seeds from is long dead, I did get a pretty nice prize for my nieces and nephew so I can’t complain, still it would have been fun to be able to compete and have my own tomatoes bottled and made into ketchup. Not that I could eat it, but still. All I want is a few ripe, un-split tomatoes. I’ve made sure the pot was large enough, has been well fertilised, both my own compost and pellets, I took off all suckers, pinched the tops of the plants as they’ve gotten so big. Even gave them comfrey tea I’ve been brewing. I think the comfrey made them flower like crazy, I could be wrong but it seems to be helping everything I add it to, even at a very heavy dilution.

The uprooted nasturtiums survived.

So, for now I’m kept busy in storing all the freshly harvested produce, dear reader. I’ll ave a few new recipes in he coming weeks, all growing well, so I hope you’ll be back to see Jack, now and then. Take care.

2 thoughts on “Jack Cauliflowerhead

  1. I love the photos of your flowers. So many colors!
    Guess what? Our last batch of squash finally started sprouting! But it’s already late in the season, so I hope they won’t get killed by frost before we can eat them.
    How many weeks left? Take care.

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    • Squash can be surprisingly hardy.
      If I get a letter it could be the end of this month o early ext. I’m stressing about it, but still just carrying on as normal. Slowly stocking the freezer, no need to be a months work in a week this time around, thankfully.

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