Breads Here Revisited Part 4: Nutty Banana Buckwheat Bread


I’m setting up a few scheduled posts as June might be more hectic for me. We’re onto one of the biggest hurdles I’ve had to overcome, what do I eat when I can’t eat anything? I needed a balanced bread, one that could be enjoyed plain, that would be filling and nutritionally diverse, not sugar laden either. So I went back to my basic buckwheat and threw everything at it and it worked. I ended up with a large loaf loaded with goodness, I have changed it up over the years. I’m not very fond of banana bread, instead I opt for an even split between butternut squash purée and peanut butter. Without further ado, we’re talking about:

Nutty Banana Buckwheat Bread

You might question why you’d use this instead of just topping plain buckwheat and I tell you they’re two very different loaves. Texturally, size-wise and taste-wise they’re worlds apart. This can be tweaked on the fly, but it’s always a soft, not too soft that’s always put me off, filling bread and although it has a lot contained within it it can still be added to when eating. Spread a nut butter over it to give it more substance or jam if you’d like a little sweetness. I have this once a week with high fibre cereal. It’s a mainstay of my diet.

The bread isn’t made very differently to basic buckwheat bread (See part one) you can use any nut butter, I use peanut as it’s the cheapest. I sometimes exclude the hempseed as it makes it very soft. It’s all a matter of preference. I do use very little sweetener in this, this was in consideration to my health. I could’ve started eating a high sugar bread and that would have become the habit I stuck with, instead I opted for lower sugar and that became a habit I’m very proud of. The taste isn’t very strong, it really just blends together into a pleasantly nutty, slightly sweet loaf. You have the option of making them large or small, it’s great either way. It’s a much firmer bread than traditional banana bread even when using banana in it. I wanted it that way, I’m not a fan of too soft breads, they remind me of undercooked batter too much.

So, that’s all I can say on this particular loaf. It’s a simple, freezable  filling bread. One that has kept me fed and I will happily continue to consume it while sticking to my diet plan. I hope you’ll consider trying it. There is a quinoa option, but I prefer the buckwheat version myself. Ill see you again next week, dear reader.


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