Photobucket Absurdity

A quick post, dear reader, there has been a huge blow to the site. I host all the images, for free, on Photobucket and now they’ve decide to go and charge $399 a year fr 3rd party linking. It’s ridiculous. The only warning was an email that went into spam. This isn’t new, this happens when companies get greedy, it was a free service, one I was happy to use, if a more reasonable price was offered I’d accept it, but this is obviously done to pressure people into paying. So, where do I go from here? All those hours of and hours of sorting images, all gone, and if I have to replace them I’l have to do it individually. This is a free blog, I put my own time into it, I don’t ever want to hold the recipes hostage behind a paywall, but what I’m thinking of doing is this: Setting up a donate button of some sort, I’ll have to look into that, where if enough people donate, even if i were only a few dollars here and there, I’m not greedy, then I’d go back to older recipes and replace all the lost photos. For future posts I’ll find a new image host and they’ll carry on as normal. I’ll let you know if I can set up a donation button. I’m shook, dear reader, this isn’t a good day.

Okay, here’s the link. There’s no pressure, but if you want to say thank you for the work, to help me update the old recipes with photos on a new server, any amount is appreciated.

It’s going to be a huge amount of work, so I don’t know when it’l get started, even if it’ll ever be fully finished. As I said this isn’t a shakedown, it’s just a way to see if people are willing to help me out. The posts after this will resume as normal, as soon as I get the new photo host sorted.


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