Did I Plant Enough Squash?

Yes, Yes I did.

To say the Photobucket debacle has knocked me is pretty accurate, dear reader, all the photos, maybe not always the best quality, posted with care in every post. Gone. Two years of work just gone up in smoke because someone wanted way too much money. I’m not even getting into it, dear reader, if you want to help, this is the last time I’ll mention it, there’s a donate button just to the right. Someday I’ll go to the recipe pages and add the old photos, one by one, having to sort though thousands of photos to find each one, but for now we move on. I’ve started an Imgur account and I hope it remains or at least gives a better offer than Photobucket. It’s marked for deletion so there is no going back. Now, shake off the gloom, dear reader, it’s time to see what madness Jack has wrought with his seeds!

I tried air drying herbs and now that I know it works I’ll try even more. Thai and Dark Opal Basil are hanging in the shed.

Wait, is that an onion or a shallot? “All shallots are…OWWW! MY EYES!”

I should have scallions soon. I forget why I planted them now.

I tidied up my tomatoes, removing bottom leaves, suddenly there are a lot more flowers.

A true miniature sunflower, so much work for so little. Meh, you’re okay, kid.

The onions are getting there.

You know, dear reader, the one thing I struggle with is when a plant is lost. I think it’s not just the time invested, it’s that you almost feel you’ve failed to help it reach its full potential. Silly, sure, but you have to realise that you watch these plants grow from a tiny seed and when they just almost make it to maturity that hurts, but I’m learning that the time spent minding, tending, watching etc though at times tedious is also rewarding. There is an element of luck in all of this, but what I think I fail to acknowledge is that even getting a plant to grow is an accomplishment in itself. Failure happens, but I should be glad I got it as far as it did. No plant is of greater value in the garden than another other, a small cauliflower is no better than a large strawberry, they’re all mine, grown by my own hand, watched by me at every stage of their lives. No matter how much you grow, if you keep thinking of what might have been then you’re missing what is. That’s what I’m trying to remember at least. Don’t laugh at poor Jack, dear reader, he’s a soft-head old fool, but he cares deeply about his garden. It’s rewarded him in many ways, enriching the soul, if you want to call it that and filling him with all kinds of goodness straight from the earth. Covering him in filth too, don’t forget the filth.

Little Gem lettuce. I might plant some in the beetroot bed when they’re all harvested. Just to watch it grow.

The cauliflower fairy was in the garden last night. This just appeared. The cabbage I grew, don’t be silly. Cabbage fairy? Pah!

I have caterpillars on the Brussels Sprouts, but I’m spraying them and watching. I also removed some lower leaves.

The squash are hitting their stride. It seems to happen all of a sudden.

One always starts ahead of the others.

I raised the comfrey tea container as I didn’t want to spill it on myself. It’s being used and looks good so far.

The purple garlic is dividing!

I like when they grow in pairs, one atop the other. I envision them arguing.

“Get off me! You’re getting fat” “Shut up! So are you!”

This one is shining like a jewel.

The pea onward are starting to fill out their pods.

Coffee cup lids work so well for squash.


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  1. My husband tried putting in more squash seeds… still nothing! We are wondering if there isn’t something wrong in the dirt of that particular patch.

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