Sweet Beets Make Great Eats

 photo DSC00197_e_zpsbbq8dnok.jpgIt was that or a joke about burpees.

 photo DSC00202_e_zpstwjxsuuy.jpgI also found more uneaten strawberries. They’re really sweet this year. Tender too. I keep dropping them and having to wash them.

I tell you, dearest reader, that there are more colours to food that are dreamt of in your philosophy. For some reason I’ve followed the yellow beet road, stopping occasionally to pick yellow strawberries and I’m pretty happy with my choice. Yellow beets and strawberries are still unknown in these parts, I guess that makes humble Jack a pioneer, the best pioneer ever! The funny thing is that these are an older variety of gold beetroot. They’re, as you guessed, burpees. Now, you might ask why I chose to grow golden beetroot. Why not any other variety. I just liked the idea of yellow beetroot, that’s it, that and they’re supposedly sweet. Are they? Well…

 photo DSC00198_e_zps5r6e3s5e.jpg
The suspense is killing me.

And that’s how I…what? Oh, the taste. Right. Hah, I had. Okay, okay. I do have to say something first, jesting aside, jousting aside too, ouch! I think beetroot tastes like dirt, acceptable dirt, but dirt nonetheless. That’s my taste-buds taking, so when I cut off a slice of roasted beetroot, from my own garden, grown in an old crate, what else can I be but honest about this, it was delicious. So sweet it was almost like eating fruit. Had you going, right? I thought they’d be less, well, dirty, but instead they were really surprising. I can’t understand why they aren’t the common beet. I’s a real shame I can’t share these with my dear readers. I roasted mine then popped them in cold water and into the freezer after a chop they went. I’ll make a pasta sauce out of them when I harvest the rest. I have quite a few left, happily now I know how they taste.

 photo DSC00200_e_zpssaq6sg9w.jpgYou can eat the leaves, but I don’t like them so I just compost them. No waste that way.

 photo DSC00205_e_zpssujgirzn.jpgYellow food colouring anyone?

I’ve lost some broccoli to bolting recently, which is always a blow, I think it’s the wasted potential rather than wasted time. There’s joy in the tending, but when it ends just a hair too soon it hurts. A strange kind of hurt. Still, when I could step out in the pouring rain, to tramp the sodden ground and peer into the clustered leaves and find these little rubies, it’s worthwhile. It brought a lump to my throat. They really shine like above. I didn’t fiddle with the colour at all, they’re so vibrant and alive. Homegrown is tedious, tiresome and sometimes not worth it, but when you can take up something from the soil and taste it at its freshest then maybe it is all worthwhile, the losses and gains, the tears and triumphs, a simple connection to nature that transcends what you find when just buying vegetables. These are the fruits that Jack’s labour brought, the struggles that he fought. A shiny, golden hued treasure, a thank you for his efforts, a reward beyond compare. Or maybe they’re just a dirty root. Who knows? Until later, dear reader.

 photo DSC00207_e_zpsvzznn5mq.jpgThese were started under plastic cups. Next year I do the same.

 photo DSC00206_e_zpseppnp3nn.jpgI had fun preparing them, Watching the colours change as I stripped away the outer skin.

10 thoughts on “Sweet Beets Make Great Eats

  1. Bah! I’m sorry for your loss. And think it a Great time to practice “know what’s behind you and look forward”. Sometimes the best photos are in our own mind’s eye! Golden beets taste divine and are beautiful in a salad made with kale, yellow pepper, shallots, Bhutanese red or brown rice, and chevre goat cheese. Yum!

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    • Thank you. I’m just going to push forward with the blog for now, I’ll do something with the photos eventually. That sounds wonderful! I have a gifted kale plant somewhere in the garden.


    • Not many people seem to have heard of them before. Sadly because I roasted them they turned black when cool, but lesson learned for the next few I harvest. I’ll boil them and use them right away.

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