Step Up Into The Greenhouse

 photo DSC00144_e_zpsonrwp5ef.jpgPhotos were taken on 23rd June, but the post is scheduled. This, hopefully, clears up time-paradoxes.

The garden is going wild brother!  No? This isn’t my style? Oh. The garden is flourishing, a fecund productive paradise and in the midst of it all is dear Jack, honest Jack, Jack of many jobs. I’m reaping a few harvests dear reader, a few losses too, but let’s talk of the joys, of strawberries wrested from the grasp of slugs, I know they don’t have hands from which to wrest! Give it a rest. Like I say, I have rescued my berries thanks to sprays, to pellets and quick oats. As to which worked…well, I have no idea. I have my castile soap and have made my spray to tackle the insects. I boiled a bulb of garlic in water ad let it stew until cold. I topped with filtered water to a litre and added one tablespoon of the soap and half of olive oil. A quick shake and there we are, my organic spray to prevent these little blighters becoming a blight on my garden. I’m testing it in the front garden to see how it fares then I’ll use it on the strawberries.

 photo DSC00157_e_zps4hgw5wcv.jpg
No Matter how tidy you are, plants have a mind of their own.

 photo DSC00151_e_zpsllqzodf6.jpgI like this set up. Better than all around staging. Though I will change my mind frequently.

 photo DSC00148_e_zps1o83jvus.jpgNot bad for a slug-eaten mess only a few months ago.

Hmmm? Oh, the title. You should know my eight foot tall, at least, greenhouse needs a nimble step to gain ingress. I imagine lots of people would faceplant in an effort to explore, but fear not. Jack be nimble and all that.  I have more basil to harvest and turn into pesto. I did notice that the basil left near the tomato plants became wilted. I found that when placed near chill plants last year it did great. I’ve moved it and I’ll see what happens. It also turns out that the Thai and cinnamon are one and the same, I’ll have to buy by the Latin name in future if I want true cinnamon basil. Still, pesto is pesto, regardless of what basil I use.

 photo DSC00150_e_zpsyvcqm9on.jpgA little chilli flower has bloomed.

 photo DSC00154_e_zpsqdiuqefd.jpgI think it’s a flower starting.

 photo DSC00155_e_zpsosuwgyn1.jpgA Gardener’s Delight.

 photo DSC00149_e_zpsjd9chp2i.jpgA pair of Roma. Edit: Dummy I am I missed the back two until now!

I have a few tomatoes coming in as you can see. I hope with better sized pots, more feed and frequent watering that I’l see a successful harvest this year. I have the space finally, I hope I’ve used it well. I’m really curious what the big chillies will be like, they, and the small ones, are saved seeds and I have no idea what variety the big ones are, they’re really large like a small banana. They don’t seem to need any support at all. I think next year I’ll build the tomato cage in advance as once it hits its stride you can’t keep it tied up and tidy. You can’t stop a plant from growing in it’s own way, I just let them go, taking suckers, dead heading and fiddling as little as possible.

 photo DSC00156_e_zpsgujzpaqm.jpgThe basil is going strong.

 photo DSC00158_e_zpstgbtugyn.jpgMy blackberry.

 photo DSC00159_e_zpszqsuv9if.jpgWild blackberry. Also mine.

I will have to make a few hard decisions at the end of the year. There are unproductive berry plants that need to go. The rest need to be re-potted and given more room to root. I’m saving runners as I go, not too any, just enough for me and a few others. I’d like to keep a balance between fruit and new plants. Never go into something like this trying for perfection, dear reader, you’ll never get there and you’ll miss out on so many wonderful accomplishments. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to check on my cement. Yes, Jack is adding a new trade to his repertoire: Cement Slinger! See you later.

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